SVT Interview with Ny, Hurtig

Watch how Ny won't answer the key question. This is going into an article of ours shortly.
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Today WikiLeak's founder Julian Assange was arrested. He is suspected of amongst other things rape and sexual molestation.

NY: Er, what happens next is that we're going to issue an international warrant to get the arrest decision executed.

The site WikiLeaks's founder Julian Assange is thus arrested in absentia on probable cause suspected of rape, sexual molestation, and illegal coercion. This is about the same events that earlier in the autumn that led to a preliminary investigation started by one prosecutor, dismissed by another prosecutor, and finally was brought back to life again by a third prosecutor.

NY: This means that we can continue our investigation and have an interrogation with Assange.

Reporter: Is there a new event behind this?

NY: this is the same investigation that's been conducted since the preliminary investigation was reopened in the beginning of September.

HURTIG: I find the evidence too weak and I also think it this is too discomforting for him to be arrested. And therefore I wonder about the prosecutor's reasons for having him incarcerated.

Now the prosecutor will shortly issue a European arrest order and that means an international search. But according to the defence, the hysteria is unnecessary. They could have questioned Julian Assange when he was in the country.

HURTIG: And then he has very demanding responsibilities in his profession. We all know that. And no one can just scoot on over here when the prosecutor beckons. They can actually try to go along with the times we propose.

Have you proposed times when he could meet and be interrogated which the prosecutor refused?

HURTIG: Affirmative.

NY: We've not been able to get him to come to an interrogation.

And you've tried?

NY: Er, I do not want to discuss the measures we have taken but I merely note that er this is the measure we have to take so we can arrive at some form of closure to this investigation.

And Assange's solicitor said earlier this evening that he will appeal the arrest.

The sheer perversity ...

... drives me bananas.

Thank you

Many thanks for this, Rick! Greatly appreciated.

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