2012-02-18 #WikiLeaks News Update: #OccupyUNESCO, #WLAD, #Cablegate Coverage & More

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded without process for 442 days.
Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 439 days.
Bradley Manning has been imprisoned without trial for 636 days.


  • UNESCO held a 2-day conference entitled, “The Media World after WikiLeaks and News of the World.” It sparked controversy after WikiLeaks issued a press statement denouncing UNESCO for blocking all speakers from WikiLeaks. There is a live-blog and chirpstory of the first day, as well as a chirpstory covering the full conference and events leading up to it.

  • Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam addressed the Australian Federal Police with concerns regarding WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. AFP Commissioner Tony Negus remarked, “We currently have no matters in front of us relating to WikiLeaks.” In a separate session with Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Senator Ludlam asked if Prime Minister Gillard had apologized to WikiLeaks or formally redacted her false claims that they had broken the law.

  • Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, author of “Operation Dark Heart,” was on MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan show discussing “Collateral Murder,” nearly two years after WikiLeaks released the video.

    • RTAmerica reported on the proposed “Whistleblower Improvement Act,” which would actually lessen the protection and rights of whistleblowers by:
    • Requiring a whistleblower to first report information to their employer before going to a regulatory agency.
    • Requiring the regulatory agency to notify the whistleblower’s employer before taking any enforcement action.
    • Legalizing retaliation by the company against the whistleblowing employee.
    • Removing incentives for whistleblowers previously guaranteed by the Dodd-Frank Act.

Cablegate Coverage:

  • The Bahamas: According to a cable, former Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell was accused of being complicit in visa fraud for Chinese applicants.
  • China: A series of cables show how difficult it is to get meaningful information about China’s elite.
  • Madagascar: A cable alleges that South Africa was used as a transit point for weapons to Madagascar in order to bypass customs.
  • Zimbabwe: A cable alleges that Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono planned on forming his own political party because he felt that President Mugabe and his party Zanu (PF) were so weak and no longer relevant.


Upcoming Dates & Events:

February 19: Final day of the “Occupy the Truth” whistleblowers conference at UC Berkeley.

February 19: The 500th episode of 'The Simpsons,' guest starring Julian Assange airs 8:00PM on FOX.

February 23: Bradley Manning's arraignment will be held at Fort Meade, beginning at 1:00PM.

February 26: The announcement of Academy Awards. "Incident in New Baghdad", a documentary on 'Collateral Murder,' is in the running for 'Documentary Short Subject.'

March 1: Julian Assange will host a Q&A on "Europe's Last Dictator," 6:30PM at The Old Vic Tunnels, London.

April 25: Kristinn Hrafnsson to speak at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy.

May 23: Julian Assange to speak at Enterprise Information Management Congress 2012 in The Netherlands.

May 27: "Incident in New Baghdad" to air on The Documentary Channel, 8PM.

15 TRILLION Laundered by HSBC & Royal Bank of Scotland??

Why is this huge story being ignored by corporate media?!!!

"15 TRILLION DOLLARS deposited to HSBC in Royal Bank of Scotland"

16 Feb 2012- Lord James of Blackheath: "...I think there are three possible conclusions... there may have been a massive piece of money laundering committed by a major government...second alternative is that a major American department has an agency that has gone rogue...the third possibility is that this is an extraordinarily elaborate fraud...in order to provide a threat to one government or more if they don't pay them off.

Excerpted from the testimony of Lord James of Blackheath at Parliament - on Feb 16, 2012. His comments are very near the bottom,
in Columns 1016-1018s on this web page:

Watch/listen on Youtube:
Lord James of Blackheath FOUNDATION X UPDATE February 16 2012

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