2011-11-26 #WikiLeaks News: WikiLeaks to enter New Phase; New Upcoming WikiLeaks Events; Other Updates

I believe that there are extreme "public interest" grounds, given that the case is entirely political. (…) This is a very important issue, not just for me personally because Julian is my son, but for the future of democracy. - Christine Assange

This is a "WikiLeaks News Update", a news update of stories relating directly to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information, transparency, cybersecurity, and freedom of expression.

WikiLeaks released a very important announcement today: a press conference will take place in central London, on the 1st December, where WikiLeaks will address the postponed launch of a new state-of-the-art secure submission system and expose serious threats to the Privacy of journalists, sources, human rights activists and others.

"On December 1st, WikiLeaks will host a press conference which will expose extraordinary privacy threats to journalists, sources and others as well as launch a new phase for WikiLeaks, just over a year after the Cablegate release.", the Statement reads.

"WikiLeaks is building a state-of-the-art secure submission system. Constructing the system is very complex. Due to the deteriorating state of internet security which directly impacts the ability of sources to communicate with journalists and human rights activists securely, WikiLeaks has decided to postpone the launch initially scheduled for Monday 28th 2011 in the interest of source protection. WikiLeaks' new public electronic drop box is substantially more advanced than its predecessor.

Online security has become severely and irreversibly compromised over the past months. Over a year or longer SSL certificates have been penetrated by various organised crime groups and intelligence agencies. The entire SSL system, which is the mechanism that guarantees security and anonymity online, has been compromised. SSL is beyond repair.

The press conference will be in central London at 12:30 PM. Location of the press conference will be announced early next week as well as information on those present.

Places will be limited so please register your attendance by emailing: wikileaks.pressconference@mail.be
Three people, including a camera, will be allowed per organisation."


    • World Socialist Web Site published an extensive interview with Christine Assange. In it, Christine provides the facts on injustices faced by WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning and how they affect and should be a matter of concern to us all. Be sure to read the entire interview.

    • "A Palantir engineer, exposed by the hacker collective Anonymous earlier this year for participating in a plot to break into the PCs of WikiLeaks supporters, was quietly rehired by the company after being placed on leave." [via National Review]

    • Full transcript of the UK Parliament debate on extradition abuses that took place yesterday in Westminster Hall is now available. Misuse of the European Arrest Warrant issued for Julian Assange and a WikiLeaks cable about Gary McKinnon were mentioned during this discussion.

    • Papuan freedom fighter Benny Wenda received an Interpol Red Notice, requested by the Government of Indonesia. Julian Assange received the same disproportionate notice in November 2010.

    • A first hand account by artist Clark Stoeckley of his arrest at Occupy Wall Street and the confiscation of WikiLeaks Truck by the NYPD this week. Clark has since been released from jail and his truck was finally retrieved three days ago.

    • An activist and supporter of WikiLeaks left an interesting observation in the comment section of yesterday's WikiLeaks News, regarding Fair Trials International level of involvement in WikiLeaks support campaigns. Note that WL Central can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this story.

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    Upcoming WikiLeaks Events
    Click to enlarge. The event list below the calendar has been updated.

    November 28: Anniversary of Cablegate.

    November 28: Julian Assange and Kristinn Hrafnsson debate the topic “The WikiLeaks effect: the rebirth of investigative journalism at the GEN News World Summit (Hong Kong).

    November 29: Channel 4 airs new special ‘WikiLeaks: Secrets and Lies’, described by @wikileaks as a Guardian smear.

    Upcoming events in the month of December (updated)

    December 1: WikiLeaks will host an important press conference in Central London, at 12:30 pm. This conference will serve to announce the opening of a state-of-the-art WikiLeaks submission system, as well as expose extraordinary privacy threats to journalists, sources, human rights activists and others.

    December 3: Julian Assange is to speak on the topic “Democracy and Wikileaks: The Trickledown Effect” at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

    December 5: Public hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice (London) to determine whether Julian Assange’s appeal will proceed to the Supreme Court.

    December 7: Julian Assange will have spent a year under house arrest without charge.

    December 8: Kristinn Hrafnsson and founder of the Center for Investigative Journalism Gavin MacFadyen will host a WikiLeaks related panel in Bratislava.

    December 16: A pretrial hearing for Bradley Manning is scheduled to begin at Fort Meade (Maryland) and is expected to last five days. Supporters will gather outside the Court.

    December 17: Global Vigil for Bradley Manning on his 24th Birthday:
    Saturday, December 17 · 12:00am - 11:30pm
    [For more details, see Vigil for Bradley Manning on his 24th Birthday's facebook page.]
    Send small gifts and birthday cards to the following address

      Bradley Manning 89289
      830 Sabalu Road
      Fort Leavenworth, KS 6602


      Action Campaigns


      • If you live in Australia: click here to complain to the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) about the Banking Blockade against WikiLeaks.

      Julian Assange
      354 days under house arrest without charge.

      • Send at least one of the several call to action draft letters addressed to European organizations and Members of the European Parliament requesting action over the unjust treatment of Julian Assange.

      Bradley Manning
      548 days detained without trial.

      • Learn how you can attend the Rally, Vigil and March for Bradley Manning scheduled on the first day of his pretrial hearing, December 16 at bradleymanning.org
      • And on his 24th birthday, December 17:
        write or send small gifts to Bradley Manning, contribute to his defense with a donation or participate in the Global Vigil planned to mark this occasion.

      Rudolf Elmer

      • Liberté Info started a campaign to make whistleblower Rudolf Elmer’s trial an international issue. The campaign page is constantly updated with new developments on his case. Readers are encouraged to share.

      WL Central can neither confirm nor deny

      re: Note that WL Central can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this story.

      i think it's not really fair to impugn the "veracity" of my report

      so you know, i am very honest and really dislike the implication that i might have falsified this exchange.

      for some reason, usually my poker face, people divulge things to me i would guess is totally unwise to so do. and because i am sympathetic, then they tell me far more than they should.

      my highest loyalties are with wikileaks and fair trials for all unjustly accused.
      so, i was really dismayed at this FTI disaffiliation.

      the work at wlcentral is profound.

      while the note was based on a private exchange between me and a person from Fair Trials International, in that sense it might be better to say: that is unknown if she was authorized to speak on the behind the scenes aspects of FTI's abandonment of wikileaks due to the assange character attack's political content.

      also if the "veracity" impugned is regarding my rather dense legal and political notes about the MP's legal terms and tendencies, as i observed them from a american torture law and immigrant's rights law perspective, of course those are my observations written to help the discourse rise out of the MP morass of terrorist name calling, islamophobia, and british class elitism and nationalism and subservience to the USGVT which permits this crisis of corporatized indefinite detention, extradition, and torture via UK across Europe and into Gitmo et al.

      mary rose lenore eng

      Mary; Nobody was saying that you were lying!

      When you post a report without evidence against an organization like Fair Trials, then WL Central is actually going the extra mile to even post it. Your comentary on Fair Trials was very negative and you had neither witnesses nor transcript.
      Our world is so full of conflicting reports and other information that we need to be very carefull with any statements. There are many different and often conflicting agenda running in this world and so far nobody has devised a stong tool for verification.
      The oly way you could go further with this is to get a signed statement frm FT or the person you spoke with to support your comment. This might also clear up FTI's position. I could believe that they do not wish to get involved in a major way in the defence of Julian Assange. Mr. Assange has many defenders and there are thousands of people in the world being abused who don't even have representation.
      I will answer PMs or perhaps you can get my email from WL Central

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