2011-10-14 Crowd-sourced database for the #15OCT protest launched on the Internet

Submitted by Take the Square


On the 15th there will be protests in almost 1 thousand cities worldwide. The amount of information that will be generated on the Internet is huge, which is why everyone has to contribute in order to create a crowd-sourced database. This will make it easier for investigators to analyze information later. This (http://bit.ly/n4XiJ0 ) is a link to an interactive document where you can post links to news pieces, photos, videos or your own report.


Check http://15october.net/spread-it/ for banners, posters and fliers to print and share on the net. Be active in your own social media accounts and blogs, help sharing information: everyone is a journalist, be the media.
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Bush v Canada

Given the inability or unwillingness of the Canadian government to Arrest Mr. Bush for Torture and other War Crimes, or bar Mr. Bush from entering Canada. >>

Have been informed that the law for citizen's arrest not yet enabled???


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