2011-09-02 Did the CIA know where Imad Mughniyeh was all the time?

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Who said that CIA didn’t know where Imad Mughniyeh was, or what was his job, or didn’t have any hints!?

This is from Wikileaks 95BEIRUT2749 cable released 3 days ago, in its para 8:

"for what it is worth, papers also report trends which suggest business as usual for Hizballah. The often inaccurate daily ‘Nida Al-Watan’ reported the re-election of Imad Mughniyah as the central security chief, with four assitants named Mustafa Badr Ad-Dine …"

Have you noticed who was mentioned too? Yep, the suspect in Rafiq Hariri’s murder as per the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (as of 2011), Mustafa BadrEddine. What a coincidence!

Ironically, the partisan newspaper Nida Al-Watan was right in this reporting. The cable is written in a tone suspecting this report, with no further comment on Mughniyeh who was one of the most wanted men by the CIA at the time. For me, it seemed business as usual to the cable author.

It’s not clear why the US didn’t make a big fuss out of it in Lebanon or with its government. It may be because they knew they couldn’t reach him in diplomatic means as they would have had to go via Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. And they may have simply waited for 9 years before they got him in their democratic way.

It is odd but not quite amusing..

How the international police state can only "find", some of these fugitives if their activities get caught in the public eye. So long as these fugitives are connected, or still have a role to fulfill for the Elites, they will enjoy a large degree of immunity. Then, if like Osama bin Laden, they outlive their usefullness, they are "discovered" and can be prosecuted or destroyed.

For example Sigurdur Einarsson the head of Kaputhing Bank which helped to destroy Iceland's economy was living openly in London while under an Interpol arrest warrant. When his presence became too publicly obvious, Britain's police declared that they did not have the authority to arrest him??? The story describing 'circular loans' to the largest shareholders is very interesting and goes a long way to explaining why the British Government decided to cover the losses of 'some' of the investors.

The New World/One World Order, is doing nothing for the state of justice on this planet. Comon people have no protections against this international cabal of criminals. They are a parasitic blight on our civilization, and they appear to own everything including the application of justice.

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