2011-08-20 Statement by Julian Assange on the reported destruction of WikiLeaks source material by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Sat Aug 20 23:25:00 2011 GMT

WikiLeaks does not record or retain source identifying information, however the claimed destruction of documents entrusted to WikiLeaks between January 2010 and August 2010 demands the revelation of inside information so sources can make their own risk assessments.

Early in 2010, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, (then "Daniel Berg", "Daniel Schmitt") (born 1978), who was responsible for keeping selected WikiLeaks backups, met and entered into a relationship with Anke Domscheit-Berg (then, "Anke Domscheit") (born 1968) who described her job title as "Director Government Relations" for Microsoft, Germany.

DDB told me that ADB's role was to interface with the German government on behalf of Microsoft. He was proud that he had been to a party at the German ministry of the interior, as ADB's consort, and that ADB was on intimate terms with senior figures in the German government and bureaucracy.

DDB told me that he had moved into ADBs house in Berlin, without any counter-intelligence cover, going so far as to place his legal name on a street visible mail box and the interior door and that he would work from this location.

At this point WikiLeaks issued a policy directive that DDB not be permitted contact with source material.

ADB and DDB officially married within a few weeks and changed their surnames to "Domscheit-Berg".

DDB secretly, and in clear violation of WikiLeaks internal security directives, recorded internal WikiLeaks encrypted "chat" conversations. He initially publicly denied having done so, but attempted to place many of these recordings into his ghostwritten book, most of which were rejected by his publishers' lawyers as violations of german privacy law. Others he secretly conveyed to hostile media, such as Wired magazine, which had been involved in the arrest and persecution of US intelligence analyst Bradley Manning.

His book, "Inside WikiLeaks", contains many proven malicious libels and breaches of WikiLeaks security policies. The book is promoted throughout U.S. military book stores, by the U.S. military.

After DDB's suspension in August 2010, he managed, through guile, to convince a German WikiLeaks system administrator, who was an old associate of DDB's, to obtain the keys and data for a large quantity of then pending WikiLeaks whistleblower disclosures.

In the last year there has been publicly declared task forces or investigations into WikiLeaks by the CIA, the Pentagon, the FBI, the Department of State, the DoJ, ASIO, ASIS, and the AFP (the last has now been publicly cancelled, finding that no Australian laws have been broken). Many other agencies, such as the NSA have also been involved, but not publicly declared.

I have received a warning from a current Western intelligence officer that DDB has been in contact with the FBI, on more than one occasion, and that the information from this contact was "helpful". I do not know if DDB was complicit with the reported contact.

David House, of the Bradley Manning Support Network, stated publicly, and repeatedly, that U.S. investigative authorities attempted to bribe him to become an informant and infiltrate WikiLeaks activities.

I have been told that the girlfriend of a Berlin-based Israeli intelligence officer attended the wedding of ADB and DDB. This may not be significant.

I have received intelligence from current Western intelligence officer, that Anke Domscheit Berg, personally, came into contact with the CIA during her time working for the McKinsey & Company consulting group. This was a direct, volunteered statement of fact and warning, and not a statement of speculation. I do not know if ADB was complicit in the reported

J. Assange

The Truth

The truth always outs in the end. http://www.youtube.com/user/music4anon


Domscheit-Berg is a pig.


JA, have been following you and WL via Glenn Greenwald since Collateral Murder. I am supportive of WL however I think it would be helpful if you clarified some things:
why you haven't set up a new electronic submissions system yet.
is WL still accepting submissions from whistle-blowers and if not why not.
I understand that you have limited information for reasons such as: negotiations with DDB; court cases etc. but re other stuff the "bad guys" will be getting it anyway and your supporters are interested. e.g. hopefully you are on good terms with previous legal team; your own take on the falling out with media partners; claims of Elsberg falling out with you etc. Obviously there is a big disinformation campaign out against you and WL but thoughtful supporters or potential supporters ask themselves questions when evaluating WL and you so some more info via certifiable sources [WL-C] would be helpful.

America Needs WL

The USA in not my grandfathers USA. Heroes were men that told the truth no matter what. The men at the top, took care of those at the bottom. Secrets against the people were treason, and the thought of corporate control in politics, war, and media would have caused a revolution. That's what made America Strong. Then the same people that made America strong, began to give it away to power and wealth. WL is to me, a protector of liberty, and the final line of defense in the struggle for freedom against Evil tyrannical organizations that cause so much suffering around the world. Sadly for so long many American organizations along with other nations have done wrong by letting to many people get away with to much corruption. When will the world grow up? Mr. Manning will be free when the sleeping giant reawakens. Until then, it is Heros, those that stand for liberty, truth, and freedom-- and among many weeds will grow and seek to suffocate all voices of freedom, truth, and liberty. There are many battles for liberty and freedom. Force Shields like WL must be there to keep ALL nations civil, free of corruption,--and America must defend WL as a friend in freedom. With promise, the USA will one day be the champion of freedom, not corruption, and the world will smile again on the wings of eagles. God bless America, and God bless WL. Stay honest, and champion only truth through the world.

What does this mean?


What exactly does this mean? Does this mean that the large cache allegedy rcvd from Bradley Manning is gone? The passphrase to the insurance file is gone? Is there any hope of exonerating Bradley anymore?

Do you have any word on the trustworthiness of Birgitta Jonsdottir?


good riddance to Berg


Best Wishes in this trying time. I am very invested in the fate of WikiLeaks, as there is a great deal of information the general population needs to know, but Mass Media refuses to release because of corporate/governmental(more and more becoming one in the same in the western world) collusion, so finding a smoking gun here is nothing new to me.

I am extremely loathsome of the state of our media today and make no secret of that to anyone who will listen. What I am learning is that many feel the same as me.

It is shocking what Big Brother can and will get away with, and if not WikiLeaks in it's last form,the world needs you and those, unlike Berg, who can be trusted for the common cause.

We are heading fast towards an Armageddon forced by the corrupts and it will all happen due to and connected to this digital age.

I know I have my survival kit in my purse at all times. Right beside my lipstick.

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