2011-08-18 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases & #WikiLeaks


This is a "WikiLeaks News Update", a daily news update of stories that are obviously related to WikiLeaks and also freedom of information, transparency, cybersecurity, and freedom of expression. All the times are GMT.
- New Cable(s) were released today.

»» A diplomatic cable published last week, dated November 11 2005, shows the United States were targeting overseas Bank accounts of leaders of Philippines Islamist separatist group Abu Sayyaf as part of an investigation on the group’s financing.

A cable released earlier revealed possible ties between the Abu Sayyaf Group and Nur Misuari, founder of the Moro National Liberation Front were being investigated by Malaysian authorities.

»» Julian Assange will speak at APME's 2011 Conference in Denver, on the 15th September – from England.

For an updated list of upcoming events with the participation of Julian Assange, please visit this link.

»» ‘Brandeis on WikiLeaks: An argument for truth’, is a new academic paper defending the work of the whistleblowing organization falls under First Amendment protection.

»» Recent Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) bill, that grants ASIO the power to surveil Australian citizens overseas, could possibly be used to target WikiLeaks and Julian Assange as ‘a danger to "security" or "economic well-being"’, says Law Professor Michael Head.

»» Via Dawn Paley : ‘US Government deploysdeploys reference to purse snatchings to balance police massacre of pro-Lavalas demonstrators in Haiti’.

»» Guatemalan press is yet to report on the first WikiLeaks cable published by online newspaper ‘Plaza Pública’ containing significant information on Presidential candidate of the Patriotic Party Perez Molina. According to the cable, the Patriotic Party is likely to have received drug money as funds, provenient from the Mendoza family, notably accused of being involved in drug-trafficking and possibly behind the murder of members of SITRABI union, in an arrangement with U.S. company Del Monte.

»» OpenLeaks has announced the intention to destroy their keys to the stolen WikiLeaks’ data in their possession. WikiLeaks was critical of the measure that will ultimately prevent access to the documents originally entrusted to WikiLeaks for publication.
Destruction of said keys will be hard to prove, according to an article published in der Freitag:

Since such keys can be copied as often as desired the destruction of all keys can’t be proved. So he [Daniel Domscheit-Berg, OpenLeaks founder] thinks about giving an affidavit. Says Domscheit-Berg: ‘But I don’t want to promise that right now. First I have to talk to a lawyer.’

(Translation of the original article published in der Freitag kindly provided by HomoCarnula.)

»» Campaign to help qualify ‘Incident in New Baghdad’ for an Academy Award is now funded!
The short documentary on ‘Collateral Murder’ should now see a theatrical release, thus becoming elligible for an Oscar nomination.

Sins of ommision by WikiLeaks

I have neither the time or skill to access the leak files and find relevant documents. However, I sense a gaping hole in the document files. There is little reference to the unholy alliance between the government of Canada and some entities in the United States. The trade agreement between Canada and the United States, negotiated in secret by then Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney, and the ramifications thereof seems to be entirely avoided in the leaked documents. As a consequence of that agreement we now have and have enjoyed for some time a situation whereby the exports of oil from Canada to the US (totaling in excess of three million barrels per day) are fraudulently transacted at a net loss relative to world price of approximately $25/barrel. Therefore Canadian producers and taxpayers are suffering a loss of about $100 millions per day. The present government of Canada is making no protest about this discrepancy so I must conclude that they are somehow being compensated for keeping their mouths closed.

Here is a breakdown of refinery prices from April. The current spread is even worse in percentage terms. Today’s WTI price is $81, while the international Brent price is $106.

April 2011 refiner costs from EIA:
Average; Domestic – Imported
US AVG – $112.61; 111.96 – 113.02
PADD 1 – $125.98; 102.76 – 126.82
PADD 2 – $103.11; 108.29 – 97.51
PADD 3 – $114.63; 114.02 – 114.92
PADD 4 – $ 99.44; 103.86 – 93.32
PADD 5 – $115.54; 114.37 – 116.88
WTI Cushing – $109.53
Brent – $123.26
PADD 2 & 4 imports would be land locked Canadian.
Remember that PADD 3 gets a lot of barrels from Midcontinent and West Texas already; also a lot of high sulfur heavy oil that would be discount to Brent.
PADD 5 is a lot of heavy oil & Alaskan
I completely understand and accept that $100 millions per day of fraud and theft is sufficient to get myself murdered. I feel it is my turn to step up to the plate. I have been an armchair activist too long.

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