2011-08-01 United States Day of Rage and Occupy Wall Street #usdor #occupywallstreet

ImageOne citizen. One dollar. One vote.

The US Day of Rage, a movement launched on March 10 of this year, appears to be taking off with the anger and frustration surrounding the ongoing debt crises this week. The movement describes itself as an "assymetrical self organizing political movement of ordinary citizens", believes in non-violence and principles before parties (they are not affiliated with any political organization) and is volunteer only. They encourage individual state, city, and federal demonstrations to be autonomous, except in matters affecting the whole.

Tomorrow is the first US Day of Rage protest, in Tennessee. "I have an army of teens who will help me....good kids wanting to do something about all this," said Tennessee Organizer Lara Jennings. More states are organizing every day. Currently, Kansas, Tennessee, Idaho (September 16 Day of Rage), Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Seattle, Portland and Oregon are officially planning protests, and on September 17 the #occupywallstreet protest is scheduled to create an encampment protest at what is seen by many to be the epicentre of the problem. This is being planned here on reddit as well as Twitter. The official Twitter account is announcing all of the upcoming events and has just announced 8/2 at 4:30pm Gather at the Charging Bull (Bowling Green Park) Logistics for #Sept17 #OccupyWallStreet.

Some sites are encouraging occupation of financial districts around the world on the same day.

Day of Rage

"The South's Gonna Do It Again" is not the solution; neither is GOPstapo fascism to "clean it up". The infant USA has to rise to the next level and Conservatives are not allowing this to happen. And remember it's always easier and cheaper to buy local majorities and with this method proposed above there is no check to that power. Young people making this State Rights confederacy movement possible don't know what the local Police were/are capable of - and consider now how geometrically more powerful they are with magnetometers, bullet proof glass, steel doors and then look back circa Monroe v Pape (US S Ct William O Douglas) and then up through Owen v Independence Missouri (US S Ct William Brennan) and compare the cases where Conservatives (Rehnquist &c) did everything in their power to undermine, reverse and negate progress and evolution in terms of freedom and Liberty under the idea of State Rights. Where were you when the State took away your drivers license for refusing to give them your social security number to access everything you own all of your medical records O I see you were there and just gave it up. the Conservatives have been doing this since the 1960s. instead of doing this play the Who "we won't get fooled again" because that's what you're doing - you're being fooled again and being sucked in by the Conservatives to do their dirty deeds and then leave you with even less rights and freedoms than you have now, if that's imaginable. They will do anything to protect their property and wealth. They are the problem and you're on the wrong side.

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