2011-07-30 Brandon Neely call to action for protest Aug 3, Sydney, Australia for the David Hicks case #GTMO

On Wednesday, August 3rd at 8:30am a protest will be held at New South Wales Supreme Court, 184 Phillip St, Sydney Sydney, Australia. For more information see http://thejusticecampaign.org/.

Important Telephone Numbers:

  • Julia Gillards office (from within Australia) 02 6277 7111
  • Julia Gillards office (from outside Australia) +61 262777111
  • Common Wealth Director of Public Prosecutions (02) 9321 1100

Brandon Neely, has been a vocal critic of both Guantanamo Bay, and the war in Iraq. And he speaks from experience, since he was both a guard at Guantanamo during the the first six months the camp was open, and served in Iraq during the US invasion. In the course of his advocacy, he has offered testimony to the Center for Human Rights in the Americas, and appeared in numerous articles and on television programs, including a BBC program that recounts how he contacted two of his former prisoners on Facebook to express remorse for what he did. You can also find him on twitter, @BrandonTXNeely. He knew David Hicks while Hicks was incarcerated at GTMO.

To read WL Central's interview with Brandon Neely go here.


I've posted this video before. Perhaps you could put it on your website as I'm certain that other former guards and prisoners follow your efforts.

In the video, Dr. Zimbardo shows how easy it is for authority figures to dislocate their followers. I was amazed at how easy this is to do if the authority figures understand mental and societal processes.

Perhaps exposing this will allow a few people to come to grips with the reality of their experiences. It is no surprise that all governments (Not only Australia) and all branches of government want to keep the lid on stories of abuse such as that suffered by Mr. Hicks. If their ruthless and manipulative practices are brought to light, people will soon see the real basis of their quest for power over others. A quest for power, physical, or merely political, is often a very sinister symptom of some underlying psycosis. The mandate of government must be redefined as managerial rather than omnipotent. With better definitions and guidlines there will be less opportunity or temptation for goverments and leaders to abuse their power.

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