2011-07-18 Sean Hoare, #NOTW whistleblower, found dead

Sean Hoare, the reporter who first blew the whistle on News of the World editor Andy Coulson for the publication's phone hacking scandal, was found dead at his home in Watford, England on Monday according to reports in the Guardian and Hollywood Reporter.

The report follows the recent arrest and detainment of former Murdoch chief Rebekah Brooks by British police on charges of conspiring to illegally intercept communications as well as corruption, in the form of bribing police.

According to a report in the Guardian, Hertfordshire police did not confirm Hoare's identity, but stated "At 10.40am today [Monday 18 July] police were called to Langley Road, Watford, following the concerns for the welfare of a man who lives at an address on the street. Upon police and ambulance arrival at a property, the body of a man was found. The man was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after. The statement continues, "The death is currently being treated as unexplained but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing."

In 2007 Coulson stepped down as News of the World editor, a result of the the phone-hacking scandal. Coulsen then became Prime Minister David Cameron's director of communications that same year.

The News of the World phone hacking scandal involves the alleged industrial scale phone hacking by publications of News International and the collusion and bribery of the Metropolitan Police.

This is not only about telephones and newsworthy stories.

Am I the only person who thinks that the media and even Rupert Murdoch , are
a side bar in this story?
Mr. Hoare, was probably not murdered by Mr. Murdoch. If, as many now
suspect, Mr. Hoare's death was too conveniently timed and too unlikely to have been spontaneous, then a tabloid baron would hardly be the prime suspect. There are too many other people involved who are accustomed to trading in violence and who would be far more sensitive to exposure than a sensationalist publisher.

Please consider the sinister implications for every one of us. For years we have
willingly given up more and more personal and financial information, in the
naïve trust that this information is somehow sacrosanct and private.
That the information was privileged communication between ourselves and, our government, our doctor, our banker/broker/lawyer/even priest. Now suddenly we must face that every scrap of communication is and has been subject to interception and recording. We have allowed our governments to assume that right. Hoping that it would be used wisely and kept securely.

That was a foolish hope wasn't it? Ninety-five percent of the people who
might handle our personal data are probably totally honest. However, at least one
percent would probably sell their Mothers for a drink or a line of coke.

That leaves us with a bit of a problem. Can you imagine any entity or person
who might be willing to pay to view your information? Most people believe
that Bradly Manning was able to download and store 250,000+, secure files on
two CD's and deliver them to WikiLeaks. If he did so, it obviously wasn't
for money. However, the important part was the ability to do it easily.

Mr. Bush's eavesdropping program was a very bad thing, but now at least we
know….. Any communication and any conversation, conducted by any
one of us is available if one has access to the system. ?????????????????????????????????????

Just think: extortion, blackmail, thwarted business deals, humiliation,
criminal charges, broken relationships,...

"We know you, therefore we own you!" I cannot imagine how this threat can be reconciled.

Btw. The "official story", alludes to @4,000 intercepts. The truth is probably more than ten times that.

Martyrs to the Truth

We need a Wall to comemorate those murdered for calling out the truth. There have been so many heros killed. Most knew somethig of the risks they took. None deserved to be killed. None deserve now to be ignored and forgotten because the truth they brought was inconvenient.

We cannot expect the media or the government to honour them. Historically, courageous warriors honoured vanquished foes, in this case the killers have no honour.

Whether it be government/military, pharmaceticals, financial malfeasance, or drugs, exposing the truth has become very hazardous to life. How long will the good people keep their heads in the sand? What is the point of surviving in a civilization which does not deserve the title.

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