2011-07-10 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases & #WikiLeaks


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07:50 PM Useful links to better understand the upcoming extradition hearing :
swedenversusassange.com (-Extradition to the United States)

Previous coverage of the Assange case (scroll down).

Wikileaks action page, with Wikileaks events calendar up to date.

05:45 PM Pastors for Peace serve American medical students threats for Thanksgiving dinner :

In a cable published yesterday, founder of Cuban regime supporters Pastors for Peace is said to have threatened to pull the scholarships of U.S. medical students in Havana if they contacted the U.S. diplomatic mission on the island.

The student said that he suspects that the change in tone is the result of a letter that he recently wrote to the five Cuban spies currently incarcerated in the United States. The student says that after being repeatedly asked to write an encouraging letter to the five he decided to write a letter in which he attacked the Cuban government for holding political prisoners and asked the five to join him in demanding not only their own freedom, but also the freedom of all political prisoners in Cuba.


It is encumbent upon the British Court to deny extradition on the grounds that there is no guarantee of Mr. Assange's safty or access to due process as required by British Law from the moment he is surrendered to Sweden.

The only possible justice would be rendered if Mr. Assange was questioned in Britain, or repatriated to Australia. Temporary is a relative not a definite term. Concievably, Mr. Assange might rot in an American prison for 40 years. So long as there is the breath of life in Mr. Assange's carcass upon return to Sweden, the definition of temporary will be satisfied, whether or not he is sentinent and fit for trial. He must not be sent to Sweden.

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