2011-07-05 #Flotilla crew starts demonstrations inside and outside the Spanish Embassy in #Greece

Flotilla 101 Crew on the occupation of Spanish Embassy in Athens from Wikileaks World on Vimeo.

ImageWLCentral continues coverage of the Flotilla 101 case, a boat of activists that departured from Spain carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip that was boycotted and blocked by several countries on its way. On the 1st July, Greek coastguard officeres intercepted the ship nearby Piraeus Port, around 8 kilometers from Athens, blocking its way with two battleships, according to the crew.
Today, July the 5th, part of the crew invaded the Spanish Embassy in the Greek capital to rally against the blocking of Flotilla, “The Audacity of Hope”. The crew announced their will to camp inside and in front of the building until their issue is solved. According to them, the ship does not have the permission to start the engines, even if it is to sail back to Spain. We spoke with Alberto Watson, the spokesperson of Flotilla 101 in the events of this afternoon. He summarized the situation for us.

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