2011-07-04 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases & #WikiLeaks


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08:50 PM First interview with Sabu of LulzSec:

When I found out about what happened to Julian Assange, his arrest in the UK and so on, I found it absolutely absurd. So I got involved with Anonymous at that point.

08:00 PM Zinnia Jones who contributed with chat logs to the NY Mag piece on Bradley Manning releases statement about it, says unredacted logs will be made available next week.

I provided them with our logs because I wanted them to see a different side of Bradley. I will be releasing the unredacted logs next week so that everyone can read them. After all of the stories portraying him as mentally unstable and revealing his problems at home and in the military, I felt it was important for people to know that there was a time when he seemed satisfied with his life.

07:45 PM assangedidnot.com A collection of evils Julian Assange is not to blame for – and respective culprits.

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07:35 PM Senator Scott Ludlam’s speech on the ASIO bill that was passed in Australia:

…Should our clandestine Cold War era spy agency be tracking down Mr Assange, maybe his family if they travel abroad, people working for that organisation, journalists, or people he is talking to or that that organisation is involved with? It appears that the reason that this bill has been known as the 'WikiLeaks amendment' in the Attorney's department is that that is precisely what is intended. The committee simply did not address that issue, and neither did the officer at the table when we asked during the inquiry. This is one example of how a person or organisation outside Australia, combined with the notion of Australia's foreign relations, very considerably expands the scope of ASIO's activities.

07:30 PM “Two years ago, U.S. diplomats acknowledged that Guam and Japan may not be immune from attacks from North Korea, according to a 2009 secret U.S. Embassy cable.” via Guampdn

05:45 PM New York Magazine publishes profile on Bradley Manning, authored by Steve Fishman.

Glenn Greenwald's response to the article, "The Motives of Bradley Manning" is truly a must read:

…What Fishman's article actually does is bolster the previous view of Manning's alleged leaks as motivated by noble and understandable horror at what the U.S. was doing in Iraq specifically and that region generally, and a resulting desire to take action to shed light on what he was seeing and to do what he could to stop it…

05:10 PM A theatre play inspired by Bradley Manning, The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning will tour in March and April 2012.:

…the play will not be a docu-drama but an exploration of the issues and technology involved and young people's attitudes towards accountability and justice.

05:00 PM "Bulgaria's late top banker Emil Kyulev, who was shot dead in 2005, has been described as top money launderer in a diplomatic cable of the US embassy in Sofia, sent on the very day of the murder." via Novinite

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