2011-07-02 RECORDED STREAM of Assange, Žižek & Goodman Conversation July 2, 11am EDT

This Saturday, July 2, Democracy Now's Amy Goodman will moderate a conversation with Julian Assange and Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek. The event is sponsored by the Frontline Club, and broadcast from The Troxy theater in London.

The focus of the event will be the "ethics and philosophy behind WikiLeaks’ work, the talk will provide a rare opportunity to hear two of the world’s most prominent thinkers discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time," according to the Democracy Now web site.

The conversation coincides with the "publication of the paperback edition of Žižek’s Living in the End Times, in which he argues that new ways of using and sharing information, in particular WikiLeaks, are one of a number of harbingers of the end of global capitalism as we know it."

Starts below at 21 minutes.

WHY ON EARTH was Zizek asked

WHY ON EARTH was Zizek asked to speak in conjunction with Assange? The two are opposites, Zizek has nothing to say and wastes a lot of time trying to say it, while Assange speaks truth to power clearly and directly. Although I felt the interview wasted too much time on legalese and not enough on the critical question....

WHY ISN'T WIKILEAKS ACCEPTING LEAKS? It's my understanding it hasn't been for months and I think it's a huge tragedy. Please, someone correct me if I'm misunderstanding the situation re: leak acceptance.

WL should be capitalizing on their notoriety to encourage more whistle-blowers before the media attention fades.

listen to the women constituents, wikileaks+zizek

oh i totally see your point. the highlight was when zizek asked why on earth would torturelawyer dershowitz be considered on the WL team and what dershowitz's nonsense is about warrant for torture, sarcasm? not sure.
i would suggest wikileaks disaffiliate with all torture advocates.
but then when zizek spoke of torturing and amy said "speak for yourself" everything got more than weird and indeed i feel that zizek was not given a proper green room warm-up ala "dont day anything stupid."
in fact zizek's performance was so sloppy and nasty and anatomical and old world sexist that i sensed sabotage, if merely subconscious. so anyway, when WL can afford some total PR wizardry to prevent this kind of mishap . . . well.
anyway, john yoo's torture den is soon enough, as admitted by eastern district court of virginia spokesperson looselips peter carr to me via bambuser.com.
so truly troubling it was.
amy folded her arms and winced. at times assange laughed, if in discomfort.
i advised david house that all progressive movements must disaffiliate with sexism and ethical compromises in the future.
zizek's pits at women and assange seemed either senile, cultural, and or sabotage. it was nevertheless a little too easy a play into the hands of enemies, which i am not.
it is because of my profound support for wikileaks i call attention to such easily avoided nightmares.
it was extremely insulting to the educated intellectual women in the crowd when zizek prated on about vagina anus excrement mistresses and miss egypt.
i am sorry amy goodman thought she had to save face and couldn't publically denounce zizek's sloppiness.
when zizek asked for permission to be vulgar i alone cried out in the auditorium "NO."


Is there maybe a transcript of the debate?

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