2011-05-21 New prosecutor investigating alleged CIA prisons in Poland

Jerzy Mierzewski, the prosecutor who had been in charge of the investigation into alleged CIA prisons on Polish territory, has been replaced by Waldemar Tyl, Gazeta Wyborcza reports. This decision came shortly after the Open Society Justice Initiative New York and lawyers acting for one of the alleged prisoners, Abd al-Nashiri, filed a complaint against Poland at the European Court of Human Rights.

This case has recently been in the focus of media attention when a source told public broadcaster TVP that evidence for rendition flights had been uncovered. It is also expected to be discussed at a visit of US president Barack Obama to Poland next week.

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AP article on the ECHR complaint.

See also, on the possible evidence.

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I wonder what Mierzewski's price was?

Probably not more than a chance to move his family to the 'glorious' United States.

Poland, as usual, sits beteen East and West. Being betrayed from within while a few brave people try to hold their country together.

I feel a bit bad for the man. He knew that the investigation was meaningless. The criminals will never be brought to justice.

No evidence for that

He is no longer in charge. There was no mention in the news items I quoted that he was offered anything, or that he has any plans to leave the country.

Here is another article which appeared in Spiegel Online, that might be of interest. It states that the alleged CIA prison was in a village called Stare Kiejkuty near Szymany airport. It also says that Polish secret service agents were trained in a facility in Stare Kiejkuty.


Icon; I am guilty of jumping to conclusion.

However, replacing the prosecutor on such a sensitive case suggests one of two things: Either he was doing too good a job, or he was not doing his job. Perhaps you have information to enlighten me.

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