2011-04-29 WikiLeaks on Canada in time for the election #Elxn41 #wlcan #Cdnpoli

Just in time for the federal election in Canada, Wikileaks has released 2222 cables about the Canadian government. With two days until the election, this is a crowd sourcing job.

Wikileaks has asked people to post their findings on reddit or you can tweet them with the following hashtags (in order of importance): #Elxn41 #wlcan #Cdnpoli

Or you can add them to the comments below.

Thin edge of the wedge!

With warrantless online surveillance (google: "Harper’s promise: a warrantless online surveillance state" ) Canadians lose web anonymity. Anything you post on any forum can be traced back to you regardless of whether you use an alias or not.

And with new copyright laws (google: Wikileaks Cables Show Massive U.S. Effort to Establish Canadian DMCA michaelgeist) Canadians can be prosecuted for publishing documents that might show corruption, immoral or illegal behaviour. Remember Wikileaks had to stop exposing Church of Scientology manuals because it was a breach of copyright.

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