2011-04-26 WikiLeaks notes: David House: WikiLeaks grand jury subpoenas are being issued for violations of the Espionage Act


David House tweets Wikileaks grand jury subpoenas are being issued

Bradley Manning friend and supporter David House tweeted Subpoenas are being issued in the WikiLeaks grand jury. Violations of Espionage Act. No further comment at this time. two hours after tweeting "Are you now, or have you ever been, a WikiLeaks supporter?"

Julian Assange's defense attorney Mark Stephens retweeted the subpoenas comment, but followed up with @lockean how do you know? and was answered by House @MarksLarks FBI is making house calls

And now from Wikileaks: Fresh subpoenas are being issued in the WikiLeaks Alexandra, VA secret grand jury in relation to the espionage act.

Write to Bradley Manning

Jonathan Getzschman has obtained the following information for anyone wanting to write to Bradley Manning. A large and ongoing volume of mail would remind his new home that we are still watching.

Bradley Manning 89289
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

Letters will be rejected if they contain any of the following:

  • Solicitations for gambling/lottery, business or pen pal correspondence.
  • Blackmail, threats or indecent subject matter
  • Plans or plots for escape
  • Codes

My letter to Bradley Manning



Do not try and bend the spoon, that is impossible.
Instead, only try to realize the Truth...there is no spoon.
Then you will see, it's not the spoon that bends...
it's only yourself.


letters to brad

hi I just saw the new address of bradley, but I know that in quantico (VA)he said not to send letters or postcards because it would piss off the guards who would take it out on him. Did bradley say anything about wanting to receive mail now, and if it will still get him into trouble somehow?

Is this the start of the Witch Hunt

Or just a roundup of trouble makers?

I wonder what will constitute being "a wiki leaks supporter"? From the early indications about a year ago, merely accessing the site or discussing the leaks should be enough. I hope anyone who cares knows how to pull a hard drive..:)

Man we have to pull in some carcasses to justify building them Fema Camps.

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