2011-04-23 Wikileaks Notes: Manning rally June 4, Obama spokesman denies Obama said what he said

ImageRally for Bradley Manning

A rally is being planned at Leavenworth on June 4 "to protest the indefinite detention and unconstitutional torture of Bradley Manning." The Facebook page is here.

Obama spokesman denies Obama expressed the view he expressed

White House spokesman Tommy Vietor denies that US President Obama was "expressing a view as to the guilt or innocence of Pfc. Manning specifically" when he said, regarding Bradley Manning, "He broke the law."

Regarding Obama's further statement that he has to abide by the laws as well as Manning, Steven Aftergood, a classified information expert at the Federation of American Scientists, agreed with the point made earlier by WL Central, “There are rules and procedures governing the de-classification process, but those rules also are based in presidential authority. The president has supreme authority over what is classified.”

While the White House is playing down the significance of the president's statement, Manning supporters are not. UK Friends of Bradley Manning writes: It is not surprising that the White House is keen to play down this incident. Military case law indicates that “pretrial publicity itself may constitute unlawful command influence” (United States v. Simpson, 58 MJ 368) and, if this is raised at court martial, the US Government will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the case has not been prejudiced. (United States v. Reed, 65 M.J. 487) Should unlawful command influence be proven, incidentally, then dismissal of the case is possible “as a last resort.” (United States v. Douglas, 68 M.J. 349)

Feints and counter feints...

I think this is more foreshadowing that Obama is actually on our team. The advice from his old-school, long-time, Washington lifers keeps conflicting so much with what his constituents want, I'm beginning to think it's helping Obama realize who's on his team and who's not.

The comment, "we are a nation of laws...and he broke the law" suggests his advisers are telling him they know FOR SURE he's guilty: end of discussion...and/or there is more to the story that they can't divulge, and consequently, he can't either.

If the People get united enough to explain that we believe in the reasons Manning did it, to blow the whistle, only then will Obama go against the advice of his team. That's how he plays, stick to your guns until the People tell you otherwise...if you think about it, it's all he can do until his team reflects what the People want.

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