2011-03-21 Open Letter to the US government from the people of #Bahrain

See the following links for WL Central coverage and documentation of Bahraini protests and crimes against humanity, in both March and February 2011.

Dear Mr. President and Honorable Representatives of the United States Congress,

We, the people of Bahrain, are in deep pain and have great concern for our situation.

We are attempting to deliver our voices.

We have long supported you, and have appreciated the help that you have given our nation in the past.

However, now, in this time of great crisis, it grieves us to realize that you have abandoned the Bahraini people.

King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa and the royal family are acting violently against unarmed and peaceful demonstrators in an unprecedented way.

Bahrain's government has mercenaries and thugs attacking and killing civilians in the streets and destroying people’s property.

At first, they exploited the Sunni and Shia issue. Now they are using violent thugs. They are everywhere. The situation is especially dangerous when they discover that a person is Shia.

The Bahraini security forces and Saudi army are attacking unarmed people with armed helicopters and tanks.

They are killing and injuring people. They have used nerve gas and live bullets to disperse demonstrators.

Bahraini forces and the Saudi army have seized villages and are attacking people in the streets. There are arbitrary arrests, killings, kidnappings, and beatings of protesters. More than 20 people are dead, 63 are missing, and unknown numbers have been arrested.

This campaign of violence has injured thousands, many of whom are critical and will die for lack of medical care.

Security forces have even attacked and taken over hospitals and medical centers in order to prevent wounded demonstrators from receiving needed medical attention. They have also beaten medical personnel.

The army is moving patients to unknown destinations, and seizing and deleting patient medical records. They have warned doctors and nurses to refuse admission to the wounded and to conceal what they have witnessed.

We are calling on the world and human rights organizations to PLEASE SAVE US FROM ANNIHILATION.

We put out a distress call to all the countries of the world: Our weapons are only roses and the Bahraini flag. We are up against foreign troops and GCC armies with real weapons.

Where is everyone? Won’t you help us? Will you just watch us die? Where are the democracies of the world?

These are crimes against humanity. We beseech you to protect the peaceful citizens of Bahrain.

We also request a commission to discover the facts of this campaign of violence and killing committed by Bahraini authorities against unarmed citizens.

We beg you. Help us.


The People of Bahrain

The People of Bahrain have ask us to send this letter to the U.S. government. When unable to send the entire text, please send a link to this page. See below.

Oppressors faking to be oppressed!!

What we have been witnessing in Bahrain since past month is sectarian revolution were shias are terrorizing innocent sunnis from all nationalities. Children, women and old men are not spared from their campaign which is controlled from Iran and other shia religious authorities based in kuwait, Lebanon and other places of the world. When their mission failed to pursuade large masses of shias and sunnis, they have restored to killing nationals and expats, they are preventing injured from getting treatment and has taken bahrain's biggest hospital as a hostage for their evil agendas.

Hijacking hospital


harassing women on streets


Using small children for political purpose


refusing treatment of sunni children


kidnapping expats


killing expats


mistreatment of injured by shia paramadics and doctors


mercilessly murdering policemen


They are doing all these shameless crimes in the name of revolution.

We need international committee to help real bahraini citizens who are been terrorized by these Iranians in name of fake revolution.

To the Peoples of Bahrain

I fear you call upon the wrong source for help. Even should Mr. Obama wish to help, I am not certain he would be allowed. There are two powers in the United States. One is the corporate group which will not be supportive of your democratic goals. The other is the American people who neither understand their power nor the urgency of their commitment.

I wonder also whether, King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, is master of his own and your destinies. Too frequently in this world, things are not what they appear. Solutions are often imposed by external forces, as witnessed by the defacto invasion of Bahrain by Saudi forces. The Saudi government is obviously terrified by any hint of having a democratic enclave on their totalitarian doorstep.

I wish the people of Bahrain a peaceful and prosperous future. But as in Egypt, you must be very careful of the partners you choose.

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