2011-03-21 #WikiLeaks makes its first partnership with #Turkey

Last Thursday, 17th March, Wikileaks announced the first partnership with a newspaper in Turkey on releasing around 11,000 U.S. State Department cables regarding Turkey from between 2000 and 2010 to Taraf, a liberal Turkish newspaper . Publishing since late 2007, Taraf has distinguished itself by opposing interference by the Turkish Military in civilian affairs. After Taraf revelations made on June 21 (2008) regarding the Egenoton (an alleged clandestine, ultra-nationalist organization in Turkey with ties to members of the country's military and security forces), when Adnan Demir, who was on the editorial staff of Taraf, was charged with leaking secret military information, the military responded by canceling the newspaper's accreditation for press releases at its headquarters for a short time. Taraf itself is also a whistle-blower journal, since Turkish military leaks were published on its pages more than once. Taraf holds a very good reputation worldwide, the journal was quoted by Der Spiegel, Times Online and such others as "Courageous," "independent," "plucky," and "scrappy".

Because of heavy political persecution on Taraf, deriving from its famously bad relationship with the Turkish Military, most enterprises have a fear of advertising in the journal and its pages present very little propaganda. Various suspicions about who supports Taraf were always present in Turkish people’s mind. Rumors that the CIA or the major party AKP are financially responsible for Taraf still exist among the public. The jewish millionaire who described himself as Taraf’s supporter gave an interview to NYT in 2009.

While Turkey recently suffers from strong harassment on freedom of speech and various journalists and publications are threatened with physical and political violence, Julian Assange pointed to Taraf as “the bravest newspaper in Turkey”.

Today’s highlights of the Wikileaks section of Taraf denounces underground forces inside the government acting against current president Tayyip according to cables of 2002.


We look forward to covering Taraf’s analysis and gathering more information of its strategy and focus on releasing the leaked cables.

Taraf is not a brave newspaper. It's an attack dog.

Taraf is not the bravest newspaper in Turkey. Taraf is the puppet of USA and
Fethullah Gülen organisation working day and night in order to break the strength of
nationalists(academics, journalists, authors, army and police chiefs) in Turkey.

Gülen movement has been working very hard on raising children as brainwashed members
to be cops,prosecutors or get other higher poisitions in government for years in
their schools nationwide.Those children have become police chiefs, chief prosecutors,
judges, forensic science managers and now they have declared war against the
nationalists. Prosecutors claim rubbish, police detains people against that claims,
if no evidence found police itself inserts the evidence, forensic science supports
police and prosecutors. Judge does the same. People that are raised in Gulen
movement does not have any kind of values such as honour and justice, are programmed
to do what they are ordered.

When those kids educated in Gulenist charter schools grow up to be members of
government, or justice in their countries; they will obey the orders of Gulen
organisation and will be the puppet of those who controls the movement, in this case
it's USA for now.

Countries such as Russia, Ozbekistan, Iran, Turkmenistan have banned those schools
and prosecuted or deported Gulenists. FBI recently started an investigation on Gulen's charter schools. See
http://gulenschoolsworldwide.blogspot.com/2011/01/gulen-schools-worldwid... for details.

Today Ithaki Basımevi (Ithaki Publisher/ Priting House) is investigated by police.
Search warrant was about the not-yet-published book named "Imam's Army / Imamın
Ordusu" by Ahmet Şık who was also prosecuted a few weeks ago for being a member of Ergenekon Terror Organisation. The book "Imam's Army" has not been published yet. It
is about the inners of Gulen movement in Turkey. Ahmet Şık was one of the journalists
that was working on coup documents, who came up with "Diaries of Özden Örnek" in
2007, the first document series about the coups-said-to-be-planned-but-not-executed.

Accusing and detaining the journalist who came up with the coup documents of being a
member of Ergenekon Terror Organisation when he started working on Gulen movement's
deep intentions, clearly shows that these investigations has nothing to do with
coups. These investigations are against he nationalists and others that stand
opposing the Gulen movement USA's interests in middle east and AKP.


In 2010 Mehmet Baransu of Taraf came out with a bag of documents(http://haberpan.net/haber/11/01/14/7746/balyoz-valizinden-12-eylul-belge...)
that were said to be evidences of "planned in 2003 but not executed" army coups .

Since then prosecutors are handpicking and prosecuting people that are named in those
"documents". Though there's no crime or no evidence of crime, there are more than 100
people in jail for just being named in those documents since 2007.

Problems with the investigations and Taraf's evidences/documents are:
- Taraf journalists are mostly devided into two groups, Gülenists and USA
sympathisers. Mehmet Baransu is one of the followers of Gulen in press. There are
many Gulenist "journalists" in Turkish press, constantly brain washing the readers
against nationalists, on behalf of Gulen and islamic movements. Combining the
information above: Justice and government is taken over by Gulenists on behalf of
USA. Taraf as a puppet of those can do anything they want and will not get any
punishment or reflections.

- Taraf strongly presses over nationalists for supporting coup depending on the
documents they've provided but ignores the inconsistencies and proven falseness of
the documents.

- Documents that are said to be created by army officers have many protocol errors
that are pointed out by the accused army officers themselves. Some of the documents
are proved to be cut&pasted from other documents/orders but some parts are redacted.
Colonel Dursun Çiçek who was said to have created the documents, rewrote the
documents in front of the judge to show how they should have looked (protocols,
numbers, orders, sentence structures) if they were really created in the army.

- Wet signed documents did not have finger prints or of the ones who said to have
signed them.Even the prosecuted amy officers accused of creating those documents,
handled the documents with handkerchiefs in court to not to leave any finger prints
to be used in the future against them. In court by using a simple cnc machine,
they've proved that any signature can be copied from the original
to any document.

- Plans contains names of the compaines/organisations that will be effective during
and after the coup.The cds that contain the said coup documents have January 2nd 2003
as the creation time. Single session cds. For example Rotaract Club named in those
documents was established in June 15th 2003. "Turk-Iran Sanayicileri Dernegi"(Turkish-
Iranian Industrialists Association) is also named in the organisations-to-be-banned-
after-the-coup list in those cds. Problem is Turk Iran Sanayicileri Derneği has
taken that name in 2005, before that it's name was 'Turk Iran Isadamları Dernegi'
(Turkish-Iranian Businessman Assocation). There are many examples of such strong
foresight!(they saw the exact future from 2003?) of coup officers in those documents.

- All of the digital evidences(cds) they came up with were then disproofed by either
computer specialists from both Turkey and USA such as Tubitak (Scientific and
Technological Research Council of Turkey) and Cyber Diligence, INC. USA., or the authorities working on these evidences.)

- They have also accused Hanefi Avcı with being one of the members of Devrimci
Karargah Terror Organisation after he wrote a book about inners of Fethullah Gulen
organisation. Hanefi Avcı was the Police Chief of Eskişehir and was a member of
Fethullah Gulen organisation. When he saw the truth about the organisation and the
role of organisation in investigations about the nationalists that started with
Taraf's false evidences he wrote the book Haliçte Yaşayan Simonlar, giving details
about the organisation and their aims to take over the government. After that Taraf
went ape shit crazy and started attacking Hanefi Avcı. Hanefi Avcı who was known as
a strong opposite of left wing organisations, who was known for torturing
socialist/communists under custody, then accused and prosecuted of being a member of
Devrimci Karargah, which is a very very small scaled (a few people) Marxist terror
organisation. Ironic? no. Devrimci karargah seems to be a made up terrorist organisation as well.)

For further reading: http://ricochet.com/main-feed/Why-You-Should-Care-About-the-Arrest-of-Ha...

- More on these issues: http://cdogangercekler.wordpress.com/category/in-english/
Çetin Doğan is the retired colonel that is accused of being the mastermind behind
those coup plans.

- There are many news of taraf that either disproofed or gone to court for being
lies and falsehoods which clearly shows that taraf is working as an attack dog of
Gulenists, Akp (turkeys ruling party) and USA. Search google for "tarafın yalan haberleri" (taraf's lies)

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