2011-03-19 Daniel Ellsberg arrested at Bradley Manning rally #March20

WL Central will be covering the Bradley Manning protests in Quantico this weekend. Currently, protesters were warned to leave the site, 118 stayed past the final warning, arrests have begun. FireDogLake reports that the director of operations at Quantico Marine Base issued a “threat advisory” regarding the protests this weekend.

Details of the protests and how to get to one here. For more information regarding Bradley Manning and supporting him, please go here.



So it begins

Protest is now illegal!
If you care even a tiny bit about freedom, you must now stand to be counted. It is not possible to arrest everyone. There are too many good people, even among the police. Do not tolerate violence or destruction.

The days of a centralized government controlling every little aspect of people's lives are over.

The days of unequal injustice are over.

The world will not end for lack of centralized government. Government's main function is to perpetuate itself, not serve the people.

Government has no relevance outside of the control it has over the citizens. Government maintains that control by using force. But, they need people to fear the force, and they need other people to apply the force.

Stand up! We are the people!

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