2011-03-06 [UPDATE 4] Latest #Amndawla Leaks, Account and Videos of Clashes in #Lazoghly

This story was written by @carwinb and @exiledsurfer. Recent updates by @kgosztola.

[UPDATE 2011-03-06]

ImagePhoto by LilianWagdy of protesters praying in front of SS headquarters in Lazoghly

Some protesters are out in Tahrir and some are still even out in and around Lazoghly, where army clashes took place earlier. The protesters were headed to the State Security headquarters. Smoke was coming from the building. State Security has been shredding, burning and destroying documents that presumably would incriminate them, as many like Habib el-Adly, former head of the Interior Ministry, are going to be facing investigations or trials.

Amn Dawla Leaks Website tweets the following links to documents [not in English]: "Outright fraud in the election of the Chamber of Commerce"

And a few on selecting judges:

"Letter to the security of the State Requests sort of judges between the cooperative and is in preparation for the selection of the elections", SSI intervention in identifying some of the judges, and nomination of names of some judges of "collaborators" to monitor the elections

WL Central reported on a document detailing a natural gas deal with Israel. Now, here from Al Masry Al Youm, an article describing the document and giving a little background.

A firsthand account of what happened with the army today from @lilianwagdy, who was there and took photos:





Videos of clashes today

Another video from storming Amn Dawla yesterday. These are underground detention cells:

[UPDATE 2011-03-06]

Al Jazeera English report from @AymanM talking about protesters trying to get into a state security building and the resistance they are meeting from the army. He recounts how protesters gathered around building because state security officers have been shredding documents that might implicate them. They tried to get into the main one and the Egypt military would not let them. Announces that a general ordered the building Egyptians tried to storm was to be sealed so evidence could be supposedly collected for investigation and prosecution of former Mubarak regime and state security officials.

Tweets on current action in #Lazoghly as Egyptians try to get into another security building:





Cordon formed by protesters to guard others from thugs. #Lazo... on Twitpic

State Security belly dancing suits?

[UPDATE 2011-03-06]

As photos, videos, and documents continue to leak out and spread, the Amn Dawla Leaks Facebook page has launched a discussion over what the world should know about Egypt. It seems that these subjects are going to be topics those behind Amn Dawla Leaks work to inform the world on:

1.Egypt vs. Algeria
2.Torture, which countries used egypt as a torture camp
3. Election Fraud
4. Under the Table deals with Media, Politicians and Authorities including international governments
5. Kedesin church alexandria
6. Khaled Said
7. The companies that worked with amn el dawla, like those who sold them technology enabling them to spy and hack
8. Nile River
9. off shore accounts ... Mubarak family assets inside and abroad
10. Islamists, R they going to take over If so how will they deal with us & our inter$ts?, If not, to what degree will they affect the decision making process?"
11. Sharm, Taba and Dahab bombings! It wouldnt be a surprise to be honest!

Another German security company that served Egypt: Munich based SafeID Solutions SafeID provide ID systems. Customers are mainly the Interior Ministries of Arab countries. Member of the Board: Otto Schily. h/t via @alex_rossner

Document shows a Coptic church in Alexandria bombed on December 31, 2010, was part of a State Security conspiracy to stop Coptic Christians from protesting. A translation reads:

Regarding mandating the leadership 77 on the date 2/12/2010 to try tying the Copts, put out their protests and calming down the pope Shenouda's tone while describing the regime in his speech. we see the prosecution of any damaging act to any of the big churches in the great Cairo and then fabricate it during the investigations to make sure any of the leaders of the church gets it. then showing the pope Shenouda the results of the investigations and negotiate with him to stop the protests of the Copts on each tiny thing, lowering his tone when talking about the political leaders, stop inciting Copts to go to protests and calming them down to be able to move along with the main stream or showing all the evidence that one of the church leaders committed the crime to all the world so the whole world would stand against the pope and the Copts. which will totally guarantee calming the situation down.

This revelation reinforces revelations in US State Cables from Cairo. Details in 10CAIRO153 show January 6 killings in Naga Hamadi by a Muslim gunman, which was allegedly in response to a Coptic Christian raping a Muslim Girl, created renewed tension between Muslims and Coptic Christians. Pastor Sameh Mories of the Qasr al Dubara Presbyterian Church thinks "Egypt's security services are becoming increasingly powerful and hostile to Muslim converts to Christianity." He laments, "Five years ago, converts to Christianity were persecuted by their families; now the police are turning converts over to their families." Mories adds, "As a church that baptizes Muslims, Qasr al Dubara is under constant police scrutiny, and he complained that three U.S. religious leaders who have had contact with the church had been denied entry into Egypt by the Government of Egypt."


Just Another Egyptian provides this document and the document's translation. @MinaNaguib90 uncovers a meeting on exporting natural gas to Israel: The document from 2005 details how Sharm Elsheikh, Mr. Hussein Salem, Mr. Gamal Mubarak and Mr. Alaa Mubarak discussed procedures for moving on with a deal for exporting natural gas to Israel. Gamal Mubarak accuses Salem of being greedy and conspiring to lower his percentage and raise his percentage that he would get from the deal.

State Security plans to destroy documents uncovered: Documents show that all branches and offices planned to chop, not burn, information available in the archives of departments and sections. They planned to edit secret correspondence. The demonstrations by Egyptians had State Security officers worried and they developed plans for evacuation that included disposing the archives. Using chemicals instead of fire was one method considered.

Egyptian State Security 5-star Hotel Offices


[UPDATE 2011-03-06]

The Amn Dawla Leaks Web site launched on Facebook last night to distribute documents and news seized by Egyptian activists in the State Security offices of Nasr City and Alexandria. They now have an official twitter feed, @ADLWebsite.


According to VOANews.comEgypt's former interior minister, Habib Al-Adly, plead not guilty to corruption charges on Saturday.

Revelations pouring online include the minutes of the meeting of the State Security to develop a plan for the destruction of confidential documents.

The deputy interior minister ordered the shredding of Secret Service documents on Feb 26 according to this document, also seen below.



Egyptian ex-pats are calling it 'Bastille Day' in Egypt. Revelations are pouring out onto the twitter hashtag #AmnDawla and the Facebook profile: Amn Dawla Leaks

Debka reports that Friday night, thousands of protesters stormed the headquarters of secret security forces headquarters "(Mahabis Namn El Dawla) in Alexandria, Cairo and the nearby 6 of October town, shutting down its operations across the country, seizing control of the vast archive of records." (Photo Source: AEIMassry

Footage of Egyptians Storming #AmnDawla torture prison showing shelves of files via @moftasabelow.

Storming the Office of the Minister of the Interior Building, the State Security in Nasr City, Egypt below.

US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, is racing to Cairo on orders from US President, Barrack Obama to handle the fall out and demise of Egyptian military's junta rule, and the exposure of information from "the secret files on every political and military leader in the country, confidential information once accessible only to ex-intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman before the uprising." (Source: Debka).

From previous WL Coverage:

So who is former intelligence minister Omar Suleiman? Jane Mayer asks the question in her article in the New Yorker, and answers it with information from her book The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals.

"Since 1993 Suleiman has headed the feared Egyptian general intelligence service. In that capacity, he was the C.I.A.’s point man in Egypt for renditions—the covert program in which the C.I.A. snatched terror suspects from around the world and returned them to Egypt and elsewhere for interrogation, often under brutal circumstances.".

Revelations also include a sex tape of Kuwait Royal Princess with a businessman in Alexandria from the #AmnDawla twitter feed.



One of the torture devices found:

Egyptian man explaining how he was tortured:

Live streams from demonstrators in front of several State Security buildings and headquarters can be found here via @exiledsurfer.

@Wikileaks has urged the preservation of shredded material.


Softwareused to reconstruct shredded East German Stasi file's may be used.

Picture of a car with shredded paper caught and seized by protesters below:


Numbers have started to increase in front of State Security Headquarters in Nasr City, calling for the Secret Service Forces to be dissolved via egyptocracy on YouTube and @wikileaks.

See the following for additional WL coverage of the Secret Service in Egypt and Western rendition to Egypt:


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