2011-03-01 "This Week in WikiLeaks" Podcast - The Corporate War on WikiLeaks Supporters

ImageUpdate: Edited podcast episode is now posted. The fourth episode of this weekly podcast, which looks at stories related to WikiLeaks from the past week, featured guest Kevin Zeese, who is with the Bradley Manning Support Network and WikiLeaksIsDemocracy.org, which is a project dedicated to preventing the prosecution and extradition of Assange to the United States. The podcast also welcomed CMN News correspondent Chris Novembrino, who provided commentary throughout the episode. Here's a widget you can click play on to listen to the episode: We talked to Zeese about the recent move by PayPal to cut off Courage to Resist and then, later that day, reverse that decision. We talked about Hunton & Williams and their support for HBGary and other security intelligence services' plans to target WikiLeaks, an activist coalition called "Stop the Chamber" (which Zeese has done some organizing with) and the complaint that was filed against Hunton & Williams by a group Zeese is affiliated with, which can be read here. We had a brief discussion about the history of secrecy. [This Foreign Policy post was part of the conversation. Then, we looked at a cable from Libya released during the past week---one that dealt with the Gaddafi family. We talked about whether revelations on the family will have any implication on what is unfolding in Libya. We postponed a conversation on revelations from Mexico cables that La Jornada has been publishing. We will be doing a short half hour podcast tomorrow evening on these cables that will contextualize the cables that have been released. Again, you can listen to the podcast by clicking play on the widget below. Or, you can go download the .mp3 file here. (It's also available on iTunes -- just search for "CMN News" and the WikiLeaks podcast should come up.) And now for a few plugs: WL Central is doing excellent coverage of all the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. If you haven't been keeping up on what is happening, check the front page for updates on various countries. If you would like to learn more about WikiLeaks, I encourage you to buy Greg Mitchell's recently published book, "Age of WikiLeaks," which can be purchased in print on Blurb.com or in e-book form off of Amazon. I helped Mitchell with parts of the book and I and many others are listed in the back as "resources" on Twitter. In fact, last week's podcast guest Michael K. Busch is listed (he can be followed @michaelkbusch). You can follow me on Twitter @kgosztola. And here is Mitchell's WikiLeaks blog at The Nation, which just passed Day 90.

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