2011-02-10 Mubarak is Defiant

Defying the will of the people that have come out in their millions throughout Egypt in premature celebration of President Mubarak's widely rumored resignation.

Mubarak announced in his speech on Egyptian state TV tonight that we would not step down as president as the people have been demanding.

"I will not relent in punishing those responsible for the violence."
"The blood of those killed in the violence will not be wasted."
"I will not bow to outside pressure"
"I will remain in office until elections."

The tyrant remains! They have changed nothing! They have learned nothing!
The anger of the people in the streets is incredible.
The Revolution starts tomorrow! The turn out of Egyptian people this Friday will be awesome!

But what will the army do?

He plans on making reforms and is calling for amendments to six sections of the constitution.

He will remain on as president but transfer his powers to his new vice president and longtime intelligence chief Omar Soleiman.

He repeated many time that he would not bow to outside powers which sound like a direct response to earlier reports that US officials had told him to resign.

Egyptian Vice President Suleiman spoke next on Egyptian state TV at 11:34pm Cairo time.

Suleiman request the help of one and all in restoring normal life.
He commented to an orderly transfer of power under the constitution.
He calls on all his citizens to look forward to the future.
We cannot allow those plotting intimidation ..
"I call on the youth of Egypt. Go back home. Go back to to your work. Let us hold hands and build the new Egypt. do not listen to the foreign satellite TV stations. They will only mislead you."

More, later...

Suleiman's Jab at Al Jazeera

Do not listen to the satellite television stations whose main purpose is to fuel sedition and drive wedge among the people...

...Use common sense and your awareness of perils hovering around us...

Gaddafi said it with much

Gaddafi said it with much more hilarity.


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