2011-02-05 NYT Uses, then Smears WikiLeaks (RT)

RT reports that while The New York Times made a "fortune" from the diplomatic cables release, its gratitude only goes so far. They published the classified US war logs in June, making WikiLeaks a blessing at a time when NYT's budget was diminishing.After reaping the rewards of the WikiLeaks documents,however, NYT changed their initial outook, calling Mr.Assange "source" rather than a collaborator, while simultaneously publishing disparaging content about him.


MSM and the 'Thought Police' at full bay now. With little fact and much innuendo the Media and the commenters to the news stories are screaming for blood.

The first hundred comments were all negative on Yahoo??
Sadly for Mr. Assange and Mr. Manning, they are recognised for having made people aware of how badly our world is being screwed.

Keller and the NYT may

Keller and the NYT may believe that they are leaving their subscribers with a long lasting impression of their organizations success and accomplishment, but the truth to the matter is if they considered Julian Assange a source and not a collaborator than it is apparent as to the respect that they have for their source. So therefore, any future source would have and should have serious reservations about Kellers and the NYT's intentions about future sourced material. The same could be said for any future collaborator, who would completely trust them at this point....I wouldn't. They expolited WikiLeaks and this kind of recognition doesn't last long, they are going to have to do better than that.

Keller and the NYT should know that their words will not come back to them void, there is a price to pay for betrayal.

Julian Assange will have his day of reprisal

I really hope they pay, trica.

The NYT displayed the worst kind of journalism. They published only when they were forced to (when other media was publishing the material), I seem to remember that they had "collateral murder" (the Bhagdad helicopter massacre) for a year before wikileaks published it.

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