2011-02-03 Guardian and NY Times editors discuss WikiLeaks: livestreamed panel

This evening two of the editors who worked with WikiLeaks on the publication of the Afghan and Iraq war logs and the diplomatic cables, Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian and Bill Keller of the New York Times, will discuss their interactions with WikiLeaks on a panel hosted by the Columbia University Journalism School in New York City.

Jack Goldsmith, the former assistant attorney general who raised alarms within the US Department of Justice about DoJ legal opinions on torture and now a Harvard University law professor, will join the panel as discussant. The panel will be moderated by Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at CJS.

In a recent tweet, WikiLeaks referred to some members of the panel as its "detractors."

The panel will be livestreamed at the CJS site at 7 pm EST.

Often revealing, but in a

Often revealing, but in a painfully boring way, since the main revelations were of the limitations of the two editors, especially Keller. Goldsmith is always interesting to listen to, a conservative but very principled and intelligent legal thinker.

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