Tunisia on Fire: Self-Immolation to World Revolution

Recently a Facebook friend featured an unfamiliar flag as his profile picture; a red crescent held in a vivid red background. Then, alternative news headlines emerged about major turmoil in the country of Tunisia. Next thing I knew, my friend was participating in the civil unrest that broke out there. Through the window opened by social media, I began to feel the outrage and intensity experienced by many people on the other side of the world. A quote from the film V for Vendetta came to me; “Remember, remember the fifth of November; the gunpowder, treason, and plot!” The surreal reports and rapidly changing scenery reported by my friend somewhat blurred the line between reality and fiction.

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guide words: Dear you do not like to nest at home to go out? If you like me to hungry often do not know what to eat to worry about? Monotonous looking at the exit of instant noodles we can not, there are often busy, no time for learning tension in the diet and worry about every day, and often our preferred instant noodles taste and nutrition to do both, but not that beauty, few people believe we can do, then, a little instant noodles how to make a hearty meal, the following to learn along with me and let live woman house Otaku do not have to worry about eating!

easy wonton noodles
material: any flavor you like a pack of instant noodles, frozen wonton some small, some vegetables. practice: 1, water, salt, boiled vegetables cooked spare; 2, first cooked ravioli, then instant noodles and spices into the cooking can be. Yards to the green vegetables you can eat the bowl. I use the old altar of a unified pickled surface, good taste: fresh sauerkraut, spicy incense co ~ you can try. This approach, although not keep up with the original authentic wonton noodles so delicious, but also be unique and may vary highly Oh ~ ~ ~ and super-fast, definitely better than the traditional practice of instant noodles with eggs, more innovative, eat up even more Jiaoren meet the ... ... < / p>

Assorted fried spicy noodles
Material: instant noodles, a piece of bread, half onion, half a carrot, celery, a Seasoning: Pixian soybean paste sauce 1 / 2 large spoons of sugar 1 / 4 tablespoon chicken stock 1 tsp allspice 1 tsp salad oil amount practice: 1, onions, carrots, celery washed, cut into thin strips; 2, a small pot boil water, bread half cooked under the pot, (chopsticks can draw casual noodle, high heat for 1 minute); 3, together with water into the bowl, with noodles in a colander to the net excess water washout, add a teaspoon of salad oil and mix well stand; 4, pot Pour salad oil, put Pixian soybean paste sauce Chaochu fragrance, put all the vegetables and stir fry a few pot, add five-spice powder; 5, pour the cooked noodles, the noodles gash let tasty, add chicken to pan good. winded: 1, cook the noodles plus a small amount of salt, can be more smooth chewy noodles, not brittle. 2, noodle salad mixed with what is to prevent the noodles until the next change Guo Chao Tuo, not chewy. a fragrant and spicy fried noodles on the well, like a friend can try delicious

convenient noodles
material: instant noodles, green beans, sauce practice: 1, the bread with the blisters to open 2, add green beans and sauce mix can be a simple bar

noodles pot
Material: Pickle 300g, 1 packet of instant noodles, canned ham, a tank, two hot dogs, mushrooms 200g, onion 1, tofu a hotpot ingredients appropriate Seasoning: broth 1200c.c., Japanese kelp powder 1 tablespoon practice: 1, pickles chopped, canned ham, hot dogs, sliced , cut mushroom, onion slices, tofu into cubes. 2, pot soup to boil, add all ingredients from the cook 5 minutes, then season both the Japanese kelp powder.

pizza sauce noodles
raw materials: a packet of instant noodles spices: half a cucumber,microsoft office 2010 Professional code, half a ham, three tablespoons of homemade pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese 40 grams , onion, olive oil, a little different practice: 1, the pot of water boil, add easy bread; 2 , the instant noodles to boil five mature; 3, remove the cooked noodles add a little olive oil, stir; 4, into the self-disclosure Sa smooth sauce, about 20 grams of cheese after discharge; 6, add onion and ham, cucumber slices, then sprinkle with remaining cheese can; ; 8 Preheat oven to 200 degrees from top to bottom, bake for 20 minutes. Tips: 1, no meaning can be put homemade pizza sauce or tomato sauce, you can also add other vegetables, this is just me home, these dishes to do, and did not intend to buy. 2, the oven temperature to their own master of their own, but do not burned the the.

cheese corned beef noodles suddenly out
Ingredients: corned beef, eggs and a broken up, instant noodles, I used the heart drops agricultural practices: ; 1, eggs add a little soy sauce, a pinch of salt, lightly beaten back. 2, boiling pot of water to the noodles into the boiled to seven mature on the line, picked up the drain, add a little chicken powder and beef, mix well after adding shredded cheese drops tablets. 3, wok pan, pour the egg mixture ready to drop almost to freezing at the time of egg noodles corned beef down the side of the egg halves on the pressure on, and then another side of the fold over, forming suddenly out like, what you can turn over and fry other side dish and began to eat the

Thai seafood fried noodles
Ingredients: 1 package of instant noodles, shrimp, some crab, but also add a little tape, the Son, or mussels, squid and so on. Shred carrots, fresh mushroom, green bean sprouts little, little chopped green onion. practice: 1, shrimp peeled shrimp line after handling raw powder with water, grab a clean, washed crab meat cut into small pieces for use. 2, I drop this is the authentic Thai yellow curry to preserved, and the other I also added fish sauce, sugar, onion, coconut milk powder, chili powder, pepper, garlic Rong, mix marinate at least thirty minutes. 3, bulk cooking bread, a spread can be picked up, picked up immediately over water use. 4, drop the marinated shrimp and crab meat stir fry wok first twenty seconds or so ready to use, then the original pot to stir into the mushroom and carrot, mushroom water stir, put into the green bean sprouts, fried bean sprouts after soft noodles into the prepared, fried noodles scattered drops after the fried shrimp and crab meat into the quick stir fry,windows 7 professional cd key, fried fish sauce a little more than ten seconds after the release , curry powder and coconut milk powder and chopped green onion, stir well and dish can be open to eat.

Fall in love when the New Orleans chicken noodle
material: instant noodles, chicken 4 Ingredients: New Orleans, powder, sauce, chicken powder, cornstarch, soy sauce, honey , sesame oil practice: 1, wash and drain chicken with a fork Zhasong organizations, with the New Orleans powder, sauce, chicken powder, raw powder, soy sauce, honey, sesame oil massage fully cured at least three hours or more. I deal with standby overnight drop 2, or less salt, and instant noodles can be the first to deal with. For this dish I usually use surface quality than the cool drops of more tough to do. Otherwise, when the fear of a bad deal will be winding down ah. So I chose the surface quality of four continents. Operation does not become the most succulent best. We see their need to select it. 3, pot of boiling water, boiling the dough into boiled to mature away from the fire to seven, picked up the drain put a little chicken powder and sesame oil mix aside. 4, marinated chicken in two drops of standby, and then picked up a piece of chicken with a handle drop of instant noodles rolled up, the truss will not loose off on it, this time to prepare raw powder and an egg broken up a little spare, first tied into the whole egg drop noodle chicken wash small bath in Kazakhstan. Then reborn powder (corn starch also), then turn around. It completed the upgrade task ah. 5, the pan in hot oil, the oil is relatively more. If you want to direct contact with crunchy fried bread crumbs to open it. Gengshuang eat. We drop to New Orleans to eat more tender fried chicken breast strips to use the drops way. More suitable for me drop taste. You choose depends on your taste, and fry until golden brown second side, with a Thai chutney, the United States spent ... ...

fried instant noodles
Materials: 1 package of instant noodles, some pork, ham 1, 1 red pepper, mushrooms, 2, 1 packet of mustard approach: 1, the pork, ham, red pepper, mushrooms were cut into wire, spare. 2, the usual method of instant noodles in boiling water for a good soak, soak into the cold water, drain the water back. Instant noodles do not soak too far, or fried up easily broken. 3, pot lit, oil pan, the pork, ham, silk, pepper wire, into the fried mushrooms, then add soaked noodles fried together. a fried instant noodles and you're done ~

cook instant noodles mixed
material: instant noodles, vegetables, eggs ... ... refrigerator find things that are put inside, but also a meal.

Tom Yum Kung fish ball noodles
materials: Tom Yum Kung a packet of instant noodles, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, green beans, fish balls practice: Winter a packet of instant noodles Yam Kung, and cook your favorite vegetables, I put the bamboo shoots, mushrooms, green beans and fish balls, fish balls is this sandwich, which seems to have caviar, bite them creak of a lot of fun, and it seems to have the taste of a Crab, not sure what stuff, good teeth to eat fish balls are elastic ~

Illustrating instant noodles
material: instant noodles, shrimp, wonton skin, mushrooms, shells, parsley practice: 1, shrimp the night before, a good crowd (a little cold, relatively good squeeze) to remove the sand line, chopped fine, put a little cooking wine, salt, ginger, a little egg white, cornstarch stirring to pull its weight, small wonton skins bought the previous day 2, take the stuff can be placed according to their preferences, and today there are mushrooms, eggs Pisi, cilantro, wonton wrapped 3, a packet of instant noodles to cook until just pick open, put the bag of vegetables, seasoning packets, and then put ravioli, mushroom ravioli off to the students, put oil bags, shells, a little taste of the next flavor, sprinkle with parsley.

spicy cabbage cooking
Ingredients: 2 pieces of bread (supermarket sales, cake-style noodles), made a little spicy cabbage, a spoonful of chili sauce Korea spices: sesame oil, beef powder (not to use a little chicken) practice: 1, gold pan clean, add a little sesame oil Heat 2, add chopped spicy cabbage stir fry (spicy cabbage not too much nor too sour taste, with a little taste) 3, add water to boil, add a Korean hot pepper paste and spoon a little beef seasoning powder 4, add bread cooked to enjoy. super delicious, try it ~ ~

fried egg noodles
material: instant noodles, eggs practice: 1, boil the noodles first, then remove and came about cold 2, under Fry, fast is good, go on to make a egg, mixed in the face inside, as far as possible stick to the sides of each egg, and then put seasoning ; 3, and finally to the end of that little bag of vinegar and oil, punctual ~

fried instant noodles
material: instant noodles, cabbage, corn kernels, green beans, carrots, onions, chili sauce practice: 1, cooking, flooding 2, blast pot, cooking 3, add noodles, mix well 4, Last added N more chili sauce 5, a spicy red cool

delicious noodles pot
Ingredients: onion, bell peppers (yellow, red) of the half, half a bean, regular kimchi, a ham, six rice cake pieces, three canned luncheon meat, 1 packet of instant noodles, a cheese slice, 2-3 seaweed tablets, regular broth (chicken, beef soup, etc.) or the amount of water practice: ; 1 onion, ham, luncheon meat, tofu slices, bell peppers cut into strips, the above material together with the rice cake slices, pickles all into the pot, add stock (or water) stew. 2, soup boil, place cheese slices, seaweed tablets, 3, melted cheese, you can open from the ramen eating ... ...

cake ramen
material: Xinla noodles, rice cakes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, chili sauce practice: 1, pot two spoonfuls of boiling water into the sauce, and so into the rice cakes, carrots, mushrooms, cook over medium heat about three minutes 2, and then put Ruxin La noodles and onions, then you can taste If the light that can be put in the materials packet Ruxin La Face 3, all the ingredients to be cooked, the soup has collected almost the touch.

spicy rice cake bar pot noodles
Ingredients: rice cake bar 500g, 1 packet noodles, chili sauce, 150g, fish cake amount of preference, onions, carrots, a little practices: < br> First of all in the pot by adding appropriate amount of water (rice cake according to the number of bars and ramen) 1, then placed in boiling water, hot pepper sauce 2, add ramen seasoning 3, then stir well, add rice cake bar. 4, rice cake bar cooked to spread out, a child is a child of the time, place onions and carrots as well surimi
5, see the article are rice cake noodles float when put into them ~ 6, good ramen can pan ~ ~ Tips: Remember to also turn on the water when cooking it, so a little more seriously
share experiences, make faces, would the soup tasty, so do the pot and pressed essential. Wok seasoning together with cold water, a small fire to boil. See less soup boil feeding, it may boil for a while, but be careful not to burn Griddle. Personally like soup, so I will cut ginger, simmer tens of minutes (in fact, play the game forget the time.) Feed, into the surface. Vegetables and tasty fast, so when the pot too much cabbage soup will fade, the taste will be light surface. Add vegetables according to personal taste

noodles shrimp balls
ingredients: a bag of instant noodles, shrimp 50 grams of pig meat, 100 grams, 6 water chestnuts, diced green onion 2 tablespoons seasoning : starch a tablespoon, a teaspoon of sesame oil, instant noodles in the sauce, seasoning packet and package (what taste like instant noodles you can use what tastes, and want fresh seafood can be a little taste. you want to taste a little strong to use braised beef flavor) decoration: instant noodles,office 2010 pro 64bit key, spices, green ball is placed on dry parsley leaves. Wobble plate peel leaves are used in practice: 1, bought nothing and hold the meat before mixing with chopsticks and let loose meat becomes compact. And remember not to put all the ingredients are then mixed, as to each of the ingredients to mix well put down after a food. First into two tablespoons diced green onion, then stir, let diced green onion, meat fusion 2, the water chestnuts, peeled, cleaned cut into small small pieces, stir into the meat of . 3, pick the fresh shrimp peeled shrimp to the filling line after the cut with a knife blade, chop the shrimp with a knife blade that Velvet will be more flexible. Velvet will handle the shrimp into the meat and stir evenly. 4, the packet of instant noodles and seasoning sauce bag into the meat in the flour bag. Note that not all into the amount, or will be very salty. 5, into the starch in a tablespoon of filling in, a teaspoon of sesame oil to taste. 6, stirring in one direction the meat, so meat to pull its weight. 7, crushed to instant noodles, instant noodles with meatballs in the roll-around covered in noodles slag slag

the ultimate way of eating instant noodles
Ingredients: 1 package of instant noodles, 1 egg, vegetables and moderate practice: 1, the water burned open, add noodles 2, boil, add eggs and green vegetables 3,3 minutes, salt and chicken on OK.

Ramen Lachao cake
Material: instant noodles, 1 / 2 package, strip 20 strip cakes, cakes (also known as tempura), 1 / 2 (cut into 3 cm pieces) , cabbage (also known as cabbage) a little onion 1 / 8 (shredded), sweet potato, about 5 ~ 6 (sliced), South Korea, hot pepper sauce 1 1 / 2 tablespoon sugar 1 / 2 tablespoon (the amount of available according to personal preference, South Korea, the taste is sweet, I feel good enough to compare sweet), water 300 ~ 400ml (the process of boiling water, the amount determined Keyi case) Keyi case add salt seasoning practice: 1. to 300ml of water, bar cakes, Korean hot pepper sauce, sugar, into the pot boil, bring to boil turn edge of a small fire while cooking stir fry (fry pot to anti-sticking) until soft rice cakes, boiled ... ... the process of slowly getting less water, have the discretion to add water into the 2. ... ... after the soft rice cake cooked you can add fish cake, cabbage, sweet potato and continue to stir fry a small fire to cook side 3. boiled rice cakes and cook while the other pot of water ... ... , cakes and other fast is good, 7 points into the noodles cook until cooked 4. will be picked up instant noodles, rice cake into Lachao in the mix is complete. You can also sprinkle a large light blue before the pot, stir evenly, the taste will be better Oh ... ...
intimate suggestions: 1, bottom cake easy adhesion, either in the cooking process so when the stir fry, which is why as fried rice cakes the story 2, when the ... ... recommended to cook rice cake sauce a little more, because after instant noodles, it is easy to give surface absorption of light by 3, also Ningbo rice cake pieces can be replaced ... ...

spiced braised pork fried instant noodles
Ingredients: 1 package of instant noodles, spiced braised pork, scallions 2, oyster sauce appropriate practices: 1, with the pot water to boil, cook until the surface of the body under the instant noodles soften, picked up Drain. 2, spiced braised pork cut into thin strips, scallions cut into clean segments. 3, Heat up the oil, the braised pork in it saute, stir fry the following section, together with oyster sauce, seasoning, add onion and stir well to the final, instant noodles Nongshim comparison bombs.

shrimp noodles
Material: 10 shrimp, red pepper one, guts one, half a cucumber, Xinla face bag, green pepper and a approach: 1, the water began to boil Xinla pot noodles, then boil the dough, do not over-boiled, stir-fry until heated needed later So boil the dough, do not glue on it, then remove and too cold standby. I find it troublesome when there is no place in the cooking bag of vegetables, put the frying time. 2, Wash shrimp and shrimp line, add 1 teaspoon of starch, a small amount of water soaked shrimp, shrimp and water immediately after full. 3, pot into the oil, stir-fried shrimp, remove set aside. 4, cooking oil into the pot once again, into the hot oil about 7 add chopped green onion, saute the bottom of the pot and put into stir-fried green peppers. 5, stir-fry 2 minutes or so down into the intestine and continue to stir-fry about 1 minute, repeatedly, into the cucumber slices to stir-fried, topped with fuel and soy sauce. 6, down into the surface of the cooked Xinla scattered. 7, put Ruxin La surface inside stir fry vegetables, packages and seasoning packet, you can use chopsticks to pick open face, this one is easy tasty one is not easy to face them whipped. 8, you can pan fry evenly. tips: 1, not fried in salt and MSG, because it contains salt, MSG, seasoning packets, the amount of flavoring is used to noodles , stir-fry until the Xinla face put soy sauce and the fuel, may reduce the release point inside the flavoring sauce. Avoid salty. 2, vegetables, according to their preferences and vegetable refrigerator to match the existing, is the second time I have sweet corn and sweet peas fried. 3, in line with shrimp, seafood flavor I used Shuanghui the intestine, can choose to hold shrimp sausage if you can.

baked noodle
ingredients: a bag of mushrooms and chicken instant noodles, lean pork, about half two, cabbage, about two to about one or two purple cabbage, carrots, about two to about one water fungus two, milk about two cheese amount. practice: 1, pork, cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, cheese are shredded. 2, hot pot set the fire, the oil bag of instant noodles into the pot till the Liucheng hot oil. 3, under the pork fried scattered. 4, then the next cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots, fungus wire. 5, stir in the flavoring after the release of instant noodles seasoning bag. 6, stir well again after the next instant noodle spices spice bag. 7, after shovel absorbed into the milk and simmer until the milk just dry, Sheng stand out. 8, boiling pot, add water, cook until you like the next easy bread is soft or hard. 9, remove and drain water after Sheng bowl, put a small amount of olive oil (not olive oil, then, can be cooked salad oil or cooking oil or vegetable oil instead) and mix well to prevent sticking. 10, will be a good vegetable noodles and fried silk mix, pour into the baking pan covered with aluminum foil, then sprinkle with cheese wire. 11, placed in a preheated 160 degree oven, middle, upper and lower fire 160 degrees bake 15 minutes. 12, remove the transfer to a plate and serve.

cook instant noodles
materials: a packet of instant noodles, tomato 2, rape 100g, egg. A little peanut oil, scallion, ginger, salt, a little practice: 1, diced tomato, rape wash. Pan heat oil, add onion ginger soy pot. 2, into the diced tomatoes, stir fry until soft after even small Huoao rotten. 3, into the water. (Cooking, you can put some more) into an egg, egg yolk medium heat and simmer until almost solidified, remove the eggs into the bowl. 4, the pan into the bread and seasoning mix. Caps cook 6-8 minutes. And then transferred into a small pinch of salt and cook for rape a minute off the fire. 5, put the egg into a bowl of vinegar and sesame oil, then pour the cooked noodles to

fried instant noodles
materials: a packet of instant noodles, green bean sprouts 100g, cabbage 100g, carrot 50g, egg, garlic few. A little peanut oil, scallion, ginger. practice: 1, pot heat a little oil, into an egg, stir fry until slightly solidified, Sheng out, not fried. 2, came alive again in a little oil, put onion ginger soy pan, add green bean sprouts, shredded cabbage and carrots and stir fry evenly, pour boiling water (because the fried noodles, water, not too many). 3, into the bread and seasoning, mix well, cover simmer covered for 5 minutes, then stir fry sauce fire. 4, into the fried egg, mix well. Add garlic off the heat and mix well.

instant Pizza
【Material】: a packet of instant noodles, a ham (enough with half a) half a carrot, spinach, sweet corn kernels a little two 【accessories】: flour, a little practice 【】: 1, the carrot cut into tablets, sliced ham, spare, spinach, wash stand 2, Guo Lifang water to a boil, the corn kernels and carrots while the pot with boiling water, boiled fish 3,windows 7 professional cd key, to wash the spinach into boiling water boil about, immediately remove and put in cold water too cold, then cut into nibs 4, the instant noodle cake with hot water to open (as long as noodles, spread out on the line, not too soft foam ) 5, will be a little flour in a bowl with clear water into a special kind of thin paste of flour (be sure to dilute some of the not too silk) 6, Guo Lifang little oily pot bottom, open a small fire, will pick to the pot noodles soaked 7, carrots and sweet corn kernels scattered particles to the surface, then sprinkle spinach crushed 8, the instant noodles spread to the bread, be sure to spread the uniform number of hands, avoid salty with short 9 , the ham, sprinkle the bread on the 10, doused with a good tune batter (first, some of the batter must be thin. Second, the amount of batter not too much, about two tablespoons to can) 11, cover the pot, be sure to use a little fire, slowly fry the bread in the bottom of the gold, the batter can mature (at the time of frying when the rotation about either pot, so that each part of heated dough evenly)

vegetables fried noodles
raw materials: a packet of instant noodles, cabbage 1 / 4 onion 1 / 2 carrot 1 / 3, a spoonful of minced garlic, green onion spoonful approach: 1, the cabbage, carrots, onion wash, and cut wire, onion ginger mince. 2, pot to do a small amount of oil, saute garlic and onion. 3, add carrots stir fry for a while. 4, then stir into the cabbage wire. 5, add noodles and a glass of water to boil. 6, into the seasoning powder. Can be based on personal taste and then add some vinegar and soy sauce. 7, the excess water, dry fried, add chopped green onion. 8, turn off the heat after several drops of sesame oil to pan friends.

delicious noodles
Ingredients: 2 packages of instant noodles, ginger, cucumber (about flooded salt), carrots, Shrimps, green onion practices: < br> 1, water, shredded mushrooms, shredded water fungus, eggs spread into the egg Piqie Si 2, 2 packs of instant noodles, water under the pot open, to seven cooked, put pure water in about fishing, spread put aside. 3, wok put oil (more) Heat, salt, ginger and put in order, Shrimps, mushroom fungus (as per release, came alive again in another turn as a few copy) ferreted out After the flavor into the carrots, cucumber, after turning into instant copy, copy turned Dan Pi, clean wok before the salt, green onion, monosodium glutamate transfer to a plate.

change the head for raw material: dry mix instant noodles, bitter melon, cheese practice: 1, a bitter split in two, dig seeded. 2, water to a boil, add a small amount of salt and sugar, put bitter melon boiled. 3, instant noodles after a good soak, drain the water, mix well with the sauce packet. 4, the surface to fill the stomach bitter. 5, shredded cheese and spread on the surface and bitter. 6, 200-degree oven, lit 10 minutes. different kind of taste, it is worth understanding.

easy beef noodles
material: braised beef noodles, beef practice: 1, make a small basin of water 2, into the braised beef noodle seasoning packet bread + (medium heat) 3, the beef slices in the microwave thawing ; 4, will thaw a good beef slices break apart, piece by piece is the noodles into the pot (variable fire) 5, cover Gail, and other large open water, fertilizer Cattle films are cooked, turn off the heat! 6, eat!

cheese noodles
materials: a bag of instant noodles (according to personal preferences of various flavors of instant noodles), stewed eggs, onions, beef, tomato, onion practice: ; 1, put all ingredients together cooked, remove and stand 2, select the CHEESE is important to note, it is best CHEDDAR CHEESE, because this is the best integration with the surface The CHEESE, if it is not the case in MOZZARELA CHEESE can, but the taste was not so good, mainly M cheese too close, and after eating, can cause mouth is filled with cheese. 3, full cover CHEESE. 4, into the microwave for one minute, until just melted CHEESE on it 5, can now start to melt after a careful hot Oh! worth mentioning are: instant noodles were born in the microwave, the more delicious, and when fully integrated cheese and noodles together, into the mouth, just on sub- unclear in the end eat cheese or noodles, cheese is wrapped around a whole will face, two silky feel in the mouth intersection, OH MY GOSH! Ah heaven!

shrimp wonton noodle
Ingredients: shrimp wonton noodle accessories: Rape, stock material: instant noodles (with the most Longxumian Well, just instant noodles at home I used), ravioli (his package Ye Hao, Ye Hao to buy ready-made), prawns, vegetables, soup (soup bones, chicken soup can), seaweed, mushrooms, scallions, dried shrimps . spices: salt, chicken powder, pepper, sesame oil practice: 1, the shrimp peeled, to head remove the gut, keep the tail, it looks better to do so will be dealing with a good wash shrimps; rape rape take heart clean; mushroom bubble, the mood of the knife can be a crosswise, so that will appear in front of him This bowl is more beautiful; scallions washed mince. 2, materials are ready, to take to pot, add the amount of water, boil, and then down into the noodles and ravioli, cooked fish, I use instant noodles, Shaozhu what could be the first fish, and cooked noodles can be had about the water. 3, so if there is soup, taste better, and now will be another stock pot boil, and if there is no stock to use just for the soup noodles, boiled Add shrimp, then add mushrooms, dried shrimps, seaweed, vegetables, then add pepper, salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, seasoning, and finally into the wonton and noodles in soup and adjust seasoning, sprinkle with chives at the end to < / p>

three wire Fried noodles
material: instant noodles, carrots, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic steps: 1, to find a packet of instant noodles, instant noodles do not have to choose expensive, Owen Sam Sun Iraqi side is my childhood favorite, the surface is not easily broken, inexpensive 2, the surface on a bowl with boiling water, about one minute, the bowl of water drained, while there hot, close the lid over his
3, the carrots, green peppers, black fungus strips, while preparing diced green onion, garlic 4, cook the dishes, the first red-hot oil , diced green onion sliced into stir-fried, Stir fragrant carrot and green pepper into the wire, stir-fry until half cooked put seasonings. The ingredients directly to the instant noodles in the package into the family to stay, do not add any seasoning. Into the fungus after continued stirring. 5, remove the boring instant noodles in the bowl, this time the surface should be a semi-soft, but not bubble to completely fall apart. The surface on top of fried food, cover, off to the smallest fire (so as not to paste pot), by hot steam into the soft surface and then a little boring. After about twenty-three minutes, add some small shrimp (in order to increase the flavor), transfer large fire and began to stir fry, do not stir too powerful, easy to break into a side section. done, the pan! ! !

fish fry noodles

material: spicy noodles spicy cabbage taste 1 bag, Yasui 3-4 fish, cabbage amount (to the large tendons, torn to pieces by hand, wash stand), water amount ; practice: 1, add a little water in flat-bottomed non-stick, in the open fire (water must not be more, otherwise it is not dry, and water to facilitate the location of the cake half) 2, down into the fish and vegetables inside the package of instant noodles cook until cooked fish 8 minutes; 3, down into the bread and cook until Microsoft's next into the seasoning packet, can be adjusted according to their own tastes, because in the end there is no soup, taste it would be more important; 4, and face the seasonings and mix well in the face of the tile on top of cabbage, cover nausea lid for 2-3 minutes; 5, will face turned to the cabbage on top of cabbage until soft, water disappeared, the side dishes you can pan and mix well; A pair of repetitious miles: 1, be sure to select the non-stick pan, or easy to stick to the pot noodles; 2, the lid will not change too long to avoid cabbage color; 3, because there is no outer fuel, so more healthy; 4, all the spices are wrapped noodles, very tasty eat it.

delicious noodles omelet
required materials: 1 packet of instant noodles ... ... ... ... 2 eggs corn, peas ... ... ... ... moderate amount of ham ... ... 1 tsp salt (proposed Do not use instant noodles in the ready-made packages and flavoring vegetables, plus fresh vegetables themselves not it be better)
practice: 1, the first instant noodles, made with open blisters the first time a small bubble will pour the water first, and then pour boiling water immersion. To do so is to remove some excess water-soluble additives. 2, beat the egg, corn, peas washed standby, ham, cut fine. 3, mix all ingredients, mix evenly, turning aside for a while. Small amount of oil into the pot, because instant noodles contains too much oil, we should not artificially to increase the oil. Then soak into the bread, fried and then fried small fire side of the other side. If the pot is small, or thin like some of the cake, fried twice.

nutrition instant noodles
materials: a packet of instant noodles, egg, mushrooms, mushroom, ham, a, a little parsley. practice: 1, into the cold water under the pot, when placed in the open side. 2, in the Add eggs, and bread in the sauce, simmer for a while. 3, mushroom and fungus in the place, you can finally put parsley foam.

green tea noodles
materials: 1 noodles, green tea powder 1 tablespoon, 1 egg, green onions, mushrooms practice: ; 1 in the pot to boil water, add green tea powder, then add noodles and eggs continue to cook. 2, add chopped green onions and boiled over the mushrooms, taste better. 3, so that when in the noodles into the green tea powder or green tea, will not feel oily. If the cup of instant noodles, put a bag of green tea into the water, to remove the oily taste will become very light.

fried instant noodles
raw materials: 2 packages of instant noodles, cabbage 250 grams of 2 eggs or meat 100 grams, white wine, sugar, a little ginger, green onion, salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate amount. practice: 1, pot boil some water, instant noodles into the pot to boil away, immediately remove (not cooked too soft) , scattered into the Grate on the control of water use. 2, set fire to the frying pan, into the amount of peanut oil until the oil is hot, add chopped green onion, ginger and stir-fry the pork into the pot (if you put the eggs, stir fried eggs After absorption into the oil, no liquor, sugar) stir fry, add 2 drops of white wine, a little sugar, soy sauce, to be Rouchao eight mature, stir into the cabbage. 3, the control of a good instant noodles into the pot, salt, MSG, stir fry for 2 minutes, as long as the Cook and instant noodles, mix well.

delicious fried instant noodles
ingredients: a little pork (shredded), lettuce (washed, cut into strips), carrots (shredded), coriander (chopped), tomatoes (sliced), instant noodles (cooked medium rare to 8)
practice: fry the pork, put in all the dishes, the noodles are put in,office Home And Business 2010 license, along with speculation, to do what tastes like the taste. Very simple, haha, I do not like the pot out?

Cambodia fried instant noodles
Ingredients: instant noodles carrot celery chicken or pork cabbage baby corn practice: 1, instant noodles blisters open, do not cook 2, oil, pork, chicken and vegetables fried 3, the soaked into the surface to + salt + sugar + chicken fried about 4, can pan Tips: 1, instant noodles to fine Road (good Effort million Do not buy, too bad) 2, instant noodles, boiled water for 1-2 minutes on it 3, thin than thick delicious fried 4, do not put soy sauce, the color looks good

fried noodles
materials: onion, sausage, a bag you like the taste of instant noodles, a boiled egg, a little preparation materials package : ; the sliced sausage, onion into small pieces. Boiled egg cut in half. Cooked noodles (do not put butter when cooking bag or in oil.), Remove surface after the soup. practice: pot, put a little oil and sauce packet that comes with instant noodles or in oil until the oil temperature or less and then stir into the onion Add as sausage fry, adding about 30 seconds and then quickly add the cooked noodles soup a little package to anti-sticking pan (and this will make more tasty fried noodles). Quickly add a little salt to the pan when the OK. Finally, put the eggs go. Done

instant noodles Mushroom pate
Ingredients: minced meat, water, mushrooms 7, ginger and garlic, easy bread, Tabasco pepper sauce, Cheese practice: ; 1 diced mushrooms washed, leaving the water soaked mushrooms, sliced ginger and garlic set aside; 2, instant noodles, cooked with water, mixed with a little oil to prevent the salvage treatment sticky; 3, minced meat, stir with a white hot oil, add ginger and garlic slices and stir after Hong stir fry minced meat with mushrooms, add dark soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine and chicken, add water soaked mushrooms, plus a bowl of water boil, simmer for about 15 minutes a small fire, adjust salt to a bowl; 4, meat and soup with a spoon Pour the surface, this is a Chinese-style meat sauce noodles; 5, to Western-style, in the face sprinkled Cheese (Mine is a small block, very convenient, a sheet of the best mozzarella do not have, and asking too much of it) and vanilla pieces, into the oven or microwave oven with light, will be a can of Cheese baked. door opened, scented, what are you waiting for? if it feels is the meat is very tired Cheese, sprinkled with Tabasco pepper sauce, sour and spicy, it is also not a unique experience There is also a great way:
Ingredients: fresh pepper 5 large segment of cut or not cut, diced mushrooms, a little, little turnip, Sichuan spicy taste of the practice of instant noodles :
1, to hold fresh pepper in the pot, stir-fry oil, wait until too tired, look into the boiling water, put the mushrooms. 2, noodle. 3, sprinkled with mustard Ding. After the chili cook delicious ... ...

the Editor: Having read the above, the practice of a variety of instant noodles, do you drool over it? If you are interested, in accordance with the above method yourself doing it, eat it certainly do not have a flavor!

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