2011-01-23 Sunday morning WikiLeaks entertainment news

Mark Stephens (@MarksLarks), Julian Assange's London-based solicitor, tweets today:

Biographies of the blind. Assange films & books: puffery by people without knowledge of his life http://tiny.cc/c08ut

As well as the biopics discussed in the Independent report and Daniel Domscheit-Berg's book, a growing number of instant books about WikiLeaks have been announced for publication in advance of Assange's autobiography, including a few that may be of substance: Heather Brooke's report on her dealings with the Guardian over a leaked trove of WikiLeaks documents, the Guardian's own version of their history with Assange and WikiLeaks, and Greg Mitchell's forthcoming narrative of WikiLeaks since last April (see his continuing work on WikiLeaks news at The Nation).


In a panic both to set the tone for who Assange is for political purposes, and also not to miss out on any possible profits from Assange mania, Hollywood and the News media in a panic, are again running in flushed aravice. Expect Assange action figures with accompaning computer with screen and sheets of cables ala Star Wars.

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