2011-02-21 Opposition leader attacked #Cameroon #Feb23

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Current time and date in Yaoundé:

WEDNESDAY, February 23

A video of Cameroon's scheduled protests today.

Paul Biya - Clear police brutality against the demonstrators on February 23, 2011 in Yaounde.

The Cameroonian people rises to say no to Paul Biya, the Cameroon president for over 28 years, but as we can see from this video, the elements of the police and the army hesitate to use force to suppress a legitimate manifestation of Cameroonians.

2011-02-15 Cameroon's rumoured protests

ImageDespite all search engines showing nothing but football for news in Cameroon, Twitter insists they are having a revolution, beginning with protests on February 23. The hashtags are being used, but there is very little under them. The Cameroon Tribune reports “Thousands of youths last Thursday, February 10 marched in the streets of Yaounde to demonstrate their patriotism and commitment to preserve peace, stability and development in Cameroon. The march in support of President Paul Biya and the institution he incarnates was in reaction to the wind of violence and destabilisation of State institutions blowing across some African countries.”

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