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2011-03-11 Who's running Egypt?

“The exceptional circumstances and putting the Constitution on hold are no grounds for dictatorship rule or and tyranny,” said Khaled Ali, head of The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) in a statement yesterday. On Thursday, 10 March 2011 ECESR filed a lawsuit against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on behalf of named plaintiff, journalist Rasha Azeb and others. The lawsuit seeks to put an end to the trial of civilians by military courts. Azeb, who writes for al-Fagr newspaper, was one of six journalist assaulted in Tahrir Square and then taken before a military court.

Formally it is the army, meaning the SCAF that holds power for a 6 month interim period after Mubarak. The real struggle for power that is going on now will determine the success or failure of the Egyptian revolution. This lawsuit is just one small fight in the revolution's many arenas. Much has been accomplished but much remains to be done. Most of the forces that empowered the old regime are still entrenched in the Egyptian military and civilian society and they will coalesce into a new form of the old tyranny if they are not throughly rooted out.

2011-02-28 Army allows protesters to remain at #Tahrir #Egypt

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Current time and date in Cairo: -

MONDAY, February 28

Army allows protesters to remain at #Tahrir #Egypt

Protesters have continued to gather in Tahrir Square. Yesterday, they were told by Army Officers that they could not stay out after curfew, however, after insistence on their behalf they have been allowed to stay, given that they do not disturb traffic.

The people there demand the release of all political prisoners, the lifting of the Emergency Law, the dismantling of the state security apparatus and the prosecution of those guilty of corruption.

@FatmaNaib said around 17.00 (GMT):

#Tahrir right now. Never seen it this full! Thousands of ppl


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