Site Updates



  • A new Country Resources section has been added under the [Topics] menu. This section is meant to be a research resource for WikiLeaks war logs and embassy cable coverage, as they pertain to different countries.


  • An archive of official WikiLeaks posts on Twitter since 2009 has been added under the Twitter Feed section.



  • Resources page added under [Media Archive].


  • Denmark media archive now available here.


  • Links to some of our editors' active blogs can now be found on the Editor Blogs page under the [Editorial] section.
  • All external links on the site are now indicated by a small icon and will open in a new browser tab/window.


  • Significant additions under way to the Print and Web media archive.


  • All editors now have the option to save a post as draft from the content creation/edit page. You can access your previously saved drafts at
  • Guest features are now enabled. External contributions will appear under Guest Features in the [Editorial] section. If you would like to submit a contribution, please contact us at admin (at) wlcentral (dot) org.


  • User profiles are now enabled.


  • Taxonomy options are currently enabled for all content. The current vocabularies are:
    * Content type: e.g., news, announcement, opinion, commentary
    * Content topics: e.g., WikiLeaks, free speech, whistleblowing, law
    * Countries of reference: which countries the article content pertains to


  • WL Central is now LIVE! Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
  • Tweetbutton added to all content pages.


  • The administration forum is now enabled. Editors and administrators can access it here.
  • Image upload feature added. This can be accessed from the post creation/edit form. This is not a gallery feature, but allows you to include images in your posts/pages. A gallery module will be added soon.


  • Official WikiLeaks Twitter feed added under [News and Updates]
  • Attachments are now enabled.


  • WL Central is still in an early beta. As you can no doubt tell, we still have a lot of work to do and content to upload. Bear with us, it will be worth it!

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