2011-01-19 Self-immolation protest spreads to Yemen

Awaasat.com reports

A 25 year old Yemeni youth set himself on fire in the Radaa province to the south of the capital city Sanaa today, alluding to the "stick of security" being used to deal with any demonstrations in the country.

Yemini sources say that he is now in intensive care in a hospital in Sanaa, where his condition remains critical.

Sanaa saw popular demonstrations for the fourth consecutive day in support of the popular Sidibouzid movement in Tunisia. Demonstrations were mostly peaceful escept at Sanaa Unniversity, where the campus was turned into a military barracks after hundreds of students participated in demonstrations there. The Yemini Ministry of Interior has declared any marches or demonstrations illegal, according to a security source in the ministry, declaring that such bans are not inconsistent with Yemen's constitution.

Clashes with the government have continued now for more than a week in the cities of Habilayn, Radfan and Lahj.

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