2011-01-15 Global Freedom of Information Rallies

Global rallies were held on Saturday, January 15, for Freedom of Information and in support of Wikileaks. Here are some of the protests that were held yesterday, primarily organized by Anonymous and Free Wikileaks (Europe).

Istanbul, Turkey:Wonderful video of Anonymous in Istanbul.

Sydney, Australia: More than a thousand in attendance. Here are some Photos. In addition, there is a video of the Pirate Party's own Rodney Serkowski speaking: Video. (Stick around for the written message from Phillip Adams--you won't regret it!)

Our own JLo, who was on the scene, has now covered the Sydney protest, and provided a gallery of photographs from the event.

Vancouver, Canada: The number of protesters was much lower than in Sydney, but rest assured that their passion made up for their numbers. Read about it!

Seattle, U.S.A.: Several protesters show up in the rain: (Video) Now that's dedication! Thank you Washington!

Calgary, Canada: Freedom of the press and government transparency at the University of Calgary. Go Calgary! We're very proud of those who came. Send us some video and images!

San Francisco, U.S.A.: "A Media Intervention for Wikileaks" (Video). Very powerful: "We have never been more empowered to fight back than we are right now." Thank you San Francisco!

Global Freedom of Information rallies were an absolute success, and further success stories are coming, to be updated right here as they roll in. Please send us video or images so that we might put our strength and numbers on display! Send these as attachments or links to: ke[at]WLCentral[.]org

Thank you, world! This is just the beginning.

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