Asking, The Wrong Question.

The nature of the Internet makes detailed, concise, well thought out arguments almost impossible. The fluidity, the ebb and flow of information all conspire against the well thought out essay. In the past weeks, months even, there has been numerous attempts by myself and others to boil down the main arguments, the main points to be made, to try and shine some light into the encroaching darkness. While some have made a good go of it, placing cap-stones on some of the more pressing issues; others have failed miserably. I am forced to concede, alas, I am in the "fail" category.

I can hardly count the numerous "beginnings" of essays; which, in my heart of hearts I felt, were Surly to illuminate and keep the darkness at bay. However, it seems, new information, new spins on old information come flooding; torrents of rumors, facts and fallacies kaleidoscope round; peculate and illustrate most macabre.

This will not happen now.

A perfect case would be the newly released cable which shows (more or less) that Operation Desert Storm was in fact as much of a shame as Gulf War II. I knew it in the 90's as I know it now. Further, when this cable was released it prompted a memory of something Noam Chomsky had written close to that time.

I could dive into some sort of confessional, some flagellation about how "we" failed and that failure cost lives: both immediate and future.

But, I won't. I will trust you to read the cable and come to the same conclusion. I will not add my "spin" to it, because anyone with some sense of empathy will pretty much reach the same conclusion.

Another example of a brilliant essay wanting to be written, ( just not by me) would be the memo circulating around. This memo details the new bureaucratic measures the United States will be implementing to insure there are no future "wikileaks" I could wax sympathetic to the mid level mangers who have to implement this. I could point out, by even implementing these policies they will create the very same "environment" which they are trying to discover and presumably avoid. Apparently, the author of the memo never was forced to attend Total Quality Management classes.

But, I won't: I haven't the time. Things are already changing, and have changed while writing this.

Example: Julian Assange is "late" Why is this even important? Because, a rather lengthy piece could be written on how any other person out on bail, who showed up a tad late, would not have been given a warning: verbal or not, it probably just wouldn't have happened.

Again, I won't.

I will ask simple question though. A question which is sure to be "naive" in retrospect; maybe even the wrong question to be asked. Nevertheless, I will ask and hope (in my heart of hearts) that the question resonates true, resonates above all, resonates to the heart of the matter.

1. Why is the United States Government (my government if you are wondering) finding it so hard "to do" the right thing? A simple statement to the nature of "In the past, we have done some godawful things. Things which no sane country would be proud of. We ask your forgiveness in time, as the truth of our statement will be seen though our actions and not our words alone."

Perhaps, it will be answered, Perhaps. But in an answer to a question not asked of yet, here is some parting music.

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