2011-01-04 WikiLeaks in today's media: Cablegate coverage

Le Monde: WikiLeaks : l'espionnage économique de Paris dérange ses alliés européens (Paris' economic espionage disturbs French allies)

"La France, plus encore que la Chine et la Russie, serait le pays le plus actif en matière d'espionnage industriel chez ses alliés européens, rapporte mardi 4 janvier le journal norvégien Aftenposten sur la foi de télégrammes diplomatiques obtenus par WikiLeaks. (France, even more than China and Russia, is the most active country in the matter of industrial espionage on their European allies, reported tuesday January 4th the Norwegian paper Aftenposten based on the source of diplomatic cables obtained by Wikileaks.)"

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Herald Sun: France heads industrial espionage: WikiLeaks cables

"France is the country that conducts the most industrial espionage on other European countries, even ahead of China and Russia, said leaked US diplomatic cables quoted today by Norway's Aftenposten."

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Toronto Star: Canada’s soccer team played under match-fixing suspect: WikiLeaks

"Figuring prominently is a 2009 friendly match between Canada and Macedonia, which was refereed by a Bulgarian official under suspicion for match-fixing. At issue was an investigation into the actions of referee Anton Genov, who officiated the Canada-Macedonia match in December of 2009 in the former Yugoslavian republic."

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Aftenposten: Norge godtok rakett-shield all in 2007 skjold alt i 2007

"Her finner du ambassadedokumentene Aftenposten har publisert fra Wikileaks.
Enkelte dokumenter er redigert og anonymisert der journalisten har vurdert dette som nødvendig."

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