2010:12-16 2084 A Short Satirical Story

Now that Julian Assange is free on bail, it is perhaps time to lighten up a little.


Marty Hari was overwhelmed and it was 3rd March 2084. The man from http://www.dikkileaks.org/exposure had leaked the data from http://www.PublicControl.com/usa, exposing a horrible secret two days previously. All top US officials and politicians had exempted themselves from obeying CyberTrojan law. US authorities, highly embarrassed, were baying for his blood while he was sanitising the Swedish data in his London apartment and watching holographic TV around his computer.

Lieutnant Scheisserkopf at Pentagon Newspeak was organising parades of military solidarity and giving daily briefings on the threats to US national security posed by Dikkileaks, saying:

Marty Hari is an enemy of the state and Attorney General Holdup is examining the provisions of CyberTrojan-22.

CyberTrojan-22 states that agents enforcing CyberTrojan-22 need not prove that CyberTrojan-22 actually contains whatever provision the accused violator is accused of violating.

Marty found something else not to his liking, at all.

To avoid thinking of his worst nightmare come true, he reflected on world history from the early 21st century. Global warming, food shortages, water wars: a biblical pestilence of disease and floods, fires and famines. Governments had to take drastic action to curb population growth. It all came from an original idea of a president's wife, later a Secretary of State, lastly President who in her last will and testament gave her flash drive to Congress with all her accumulated ideas and proposals.

On that flash drive a secret personal file was discovered: Two Timing Bastard Device.docx. It was a fanciful idea in its day of a minaturised device that could be secretively attached to male appendages in which certain "motions" could be detected and recorded and transmitted electronically, a warning device, of a certain kind, that some women could be mightily interested in. She certainly was.

And so it came to pass that original idea was modified and converted. The "Big Brother" in Orwell's day became a "Small Brother" population control device by 2020. The giant corporations CyberTrojan and MicroHard Software joined forces and came up with a device and system to solve many other problems as well.

CyberTrojan was attached with an individual identifier, compulsorily to all males at seven years of age. It was a combination of nanotechnology and computer all in one; it had sensors and 10G wireless internet interconnectivity; it could diagnose disease, detect sexual activity (and prevent it if necessary with high voltage shocks). It was powered by body heat; allowed ordinary bodily functions by judicious nanotechnology powered openings and closings at one end. It was like a skin graft and almost invisible. It was CyberTrojans masterpiece, a device for all nations with extraordinary functions.

The software for example was programmed for Big Bang and Small Bang theory, incorporating a mini Richter scale sensor at quantum theory level. While sex was allowed, most of the population were forbidden to breed, but in a massive data bank at each nation's Public Control Department PCD, (In Afghanistan referred to as Public Capitations Daily) all movements, so to speak, were recorded and transmitted to the centralised PCD.

Two bangs meant a CyberTrojan had burst and the police from PCD were there. Three or four bangs for Europeans meant medical teams were automatically summoned for an emergency medical evacuation flight to Hospitali Berlusconi Testiculi in Italy. (That institution was bequeathed to the public by a politician in Italy in 2015, a man who had much need of repairs and rejuvenation; a man who was in his time likened to a bull pumped full of Viagra in a bovine knocking shop.)

Certain other motions commonly described as self abusive triggered the Vatican Amendment software at PCD which sent letters to its registered adherents reminding them of the danger of venal sins becoming mortal sins.

Law enforcement jumped on the bandwagon with the Sexual Offences Detection Amendment whereby consent was recorded by the unique moanings and grunts of the participants eminently more detectable in a heavier medium compared to audio waves travelling through air. Conversely non consent was likewise detectable.

Marty Hari was horrified as he found his own personal data of the time he was visiting Sweden some months previously. He detected the modified software of http://www.Diabolicalvotingmachines.com/dem_gop/changeover with the marker of the Swedish Prosecution Service.

The consent he knew of that time had been changed to non consent.

There was a loud knocking at the door...The Ides of March 2084 were upon him.

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