An Argument of Heart

An Argument of the Heart.

I feel outclassed. I feel unbelievably inarticulate.
The information war is raging, and I am speechless.
The warring tribes have set their lines,
the corporations have told their lies.

I've starred in horror and disgust,
as Sen. Lieberman, defiles his elected office.
I've whispered praise of wiki-leaks and Assange,
and have thought hard as to what I would sacrifice.
For personal safety, I couldn't care less,
but to those connected, at this I wince.

It is a telling tale, in which one should shudder,
that speakers, of truth, accountability, democracy,
are being torn asunder.

Defamation terrorism as arme de choix,
not so veiled threats used to enforce.
a reality of servitude promised for the volk.

Senator Lieberman, I shall not impugn,
by implying you are a terrorist of freedom.
nor will I quibble with O'Riley
about treason, and our founding fathers.
A nation of traitors King George once had said
he too wished they were all dead.

Yes, the choices were made long ago,
sycophants proudly bare their corporate logo.
Believers in freedom, and yes even the American dream,
will be heard, drawing a whisper to a scream.

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