2010-12-11 Personal Democracy Forum: A Symposium on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom


Personal Democracy Forum presents:

A Symposium on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom

Saturday, December 11, from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (ET), New York City

  • In the digital age, should all information be free?
  • Does good government require secrecy, or more openness?
  • Can we trust private internet service providers to defend free speech?
  • Is Wikileaks a terrorist organization, or the beginning of a new kind of transnational investigative journalism?

Join us to explore these questions with:

Emily Bell, Director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School
Esther Dyson, EDventure
Allison Fine, Co-author, The Networked Nonprofit
Charles Ferguson, Director, Inside Job and No End in Sight
Arianna Huffington, Co-founder and editor-in-chief, The Huffington Post
Jeff Jarvis, Professor, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
Andrew Keen, Author of the forthcoming book, Digital Vertigo: An Anti-Social Manifesto
Gideon Lichfield, Deputy digital editor, The Economist
Rebecca MacKinnon, Senior fellow, New America Foundation and author of the forthcoming book, Consent of the Networked
Mark Pesce, Author and futurist
Andrew Rasiej, Co-founder, Personal Democracy Forum
Jay Rosen, NYU Journalism School and PressThink.org
Jack Rosenthal, Senior fellow, Atlantic Philanthropies
Carne Ross, Director, Independent Diplomat and former UK Diplomat
Douglas Rushkoff, Author, Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age
Micah L. Sifry, Co-founder, Personal Democracy Forum
Katrin Verclas, Principal, New Rights Group
Tom Watson, Author, CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World
Dave Winer, Editor, Scripting News and Visiting Scholar, NYU
and more...

Space is limited. Tickets will not be available at the door.
Event hashtag: #pdfleaks
Press inquiries only: Contact Justin Kazmark (justin@threadwell.org, 646-483-3700)

Saturday, December 11, 10am-2pm*
Riverpark: A Tom Colicchio Restaurant
450 East 29th Street (east of 1st Ave just before the FDR & East River)
New York, NY 10016

Event tickets: Eventbrite

*Please note, breakfast and lunch will not be served, but coffee and light refreshments will be available.

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