US Ambassador to Germany says he is not leaving

The Hamburger Abendblatt published an article about Philip Murphy, the US ambassador to Germany. Over the past week, he met criticism because of his descriptions of German politicians, in particular of the FDP (Liberal Democrats).

On the day the first documents of Cablegate were released, he gave an interview in a tabloid. A summary can be found here:

Murphy received internal information from the coalition talks via a mole who worked for Guido Westerwelle, FDP. Some basic information:

A week after the Cablegate story broke, Murphy told the Abendblatt "I am not going anywhere", in response to members of the FDP who demanded he step down. He wrote to the MPs in question offering to talk to them in private once the situation had calmed down. Murphy said he had apologized to various people. He also stated "I don't blame them for being angry, I am angry as well." describing the past week as dreadful and very hard. He did, however, insist that the relations between the US and Germany had not been harmed in a significant way.

Both the CDU (Conservative) and the Green Party supported Murphy. A leading Green MP said "You can't ask the ambassador to step down just because the FDP isn't on top of things."

Full article:

See also the AFP coverage:

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