CIA flights with permission of the Spanish government [Update 2]

How to transfer detainees from Afghanistan or other countries to Guantanamo? A cable written at the US embassy on the 4th of December 2008 describes how the US ambassador negotiated a permission from the Spanish ministry of foreign affairs to use "discreet" Spanish airports as mid way stops for long haul flights:

The cable then goes on to discuss how documents on these negotiations were leaked to the press. The author complains that CIA flights and military flights were often mixed up in press reports.

The cable also describes private communication between the embassy and the Spanish ministry of foreign affairs.

Update 1: Al Jazeera on the role of European countries in CIA flights (predates Cablegate by a few days):

Update 2: SVD on how Sweden discovered about CIA flights via their territory (features secret service agents disguised as airport workers):

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