2009-02: Tweets in Feb 09

FBI intel report shows 'Dirty bomb' parts found in slain man's home in Maine. GOV wont comment.

Deutsche Bahn AG Ueberwachungsskandal - Betriebsvereinbarung IT online!

Otto Schily on El-Masri kidnapping: Secrecy promise to US more important than German law

releases 308-paged international directory of businesses close to cult

Wikileaks releases UN-confidential report on Rule of Law in Timor

UK/German firm threaten to sue Wikileaks over copyright of legal threats

Releases Bank fortune for mass-murder-police chief Arturo Acosta Chapbparo

: Slipping out of control. London Indpendent report on NATO statistics leak

was guest at 200th show, happy birthday! (german)

secret report reveals how Parliament members make millions

Releases Bank fortune for mass-murderer-police chief Arturo Acosta Chapbpafro

releases for Asterisk Non-Disclosure Agreement

releases Credit Suisse compendium on African investment for the ultra-rich

Wikileaks video of talk in Berlin (English); somewhat chaotic due to both developing flu, but a useful reference

NetzPolitik interview (audio) with investigations editor (MP3) (text)

Wikileaks releases NATO Master Propaganda Narrative for Afghanistan

GAP: United Nations is a haven for sexual abuse

Wikileaks releases ISAF-NATO Afghanistan in-theatre media/propaganda strategy

VICTORY! UN indicts Kenyan police for mass-assassinations. Today: The leak:

Nice supporting article from Wired. Please spread.

My Life in Child Porn; Stunning tell all on the operations of the commercial child porn industry (English) htt ...

Wikileaks releases European Commission Open Source Software Strategy

Clearstream et le mystérieux compte « Bank Madoff »

Jordon is a secret member of the ISAF, according to NATO doc

On monday Wikileaks will release part of "Pentagon Papers II", a 318 page RAND report into the Iraq/Afghan war. Contact us

Wikileaks cracks NATO's "Master Narrative" for Afghanistan

Wikileaks cracks encryption to key Pentagon spin doc for Afghanistan

Update: Pentagon taken the whole of oneteam.centcom.mil offline in repsone to

Pentagon takes town entire oneteam.centcom.mil site in respone to

Wikileaks cracks NATO's "Master Narrative" for Afghanistan (fix url)

Pentagon/NATO reacting quickly to suppress news of Master Narrative leak; please spread

Our supporters say it better than we can. Thanks!

Pentagon site still down after our editorial

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