Ellsberg on Loyalty and the "Oath to Defend"

Click to Watch this Inspirational Interview with Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning. This interview took place shortly after Bradley Manning was identified as the alleged source of the first batch of massive leaks. Ellsberg discusses with authority the oath one takes when sworn into a position to defend America. It is an oath taken not to defend a leader or Fuhrer, but to defend The Constitution. This is a fundamental truth that has been forgotten, both in theory and in practice.

By the standards set forth by our forefathers, those guilty of treason are none other than the governing bodies themselves. May they be made to feel our shame in the face of their sub-human morality and the war on our Constitution, and may they be made to suffer the most extreme of punitive justice for defaming America. May America one day be as great as the myth that was a "free America" -- a just America.

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