Who is the German citizen abducted by the CIA? [Update 5]

According to the New York Times, the US warned Germany not to enforce an arrest warrant against CIA agents who had kidnapped an innocent German citizen and abducted him to Afghanistan.

The article does not name this person, but it is very likely indeed that it is Khaled al Masri, who claims to have been abducted at the Macedonian border on new year's eve 2003. He says he was then brought to Afghanistan, where he was interrogated and tortured, and subsequently brought to Albania, where he was released. Even though his story seemed very unlikely at first sight, it was corroborated by a number of facts. Some links to previous press reports:

A German court issued arrest warrants for thirteen members of the CIA in January 2007.

There were suspicions that it was a case of mistaken identity.

Al Masri translates to “the Egyptian” and is a very common Arabic surname.

The exact details on who was informed about his abduction at which point and who could have intervened or provided diplomatic assistance are still not entirely clear.

Since his release, al Masri had stated that he was suffering from the effects of his abduction. In May 2007, al Masri set a supermarket on fire following a trivial argument with a sales assistant. He was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Update 1: The case discussed in the NYT is indeed the abduction of Khaled al Masri. The document the NYT refers to is 07BERLIN242 which can be found here: http://is.gd/hVFNI

Update 2: ACLU writes about futile attempts to hold US accountable for the abduction http://is.gd/hZoYo

Update 3: Video via boing boing http://is.gd/i4cME

Update 4: Spanish airfields used in the abduction http://harpers.org/archive/2010/12/hbc-90007836

Update 5: One of the first posts on the official Wikileaks Twitter feed was on the role of the German government in the (non)-prosecution of the CIA in the al Masri case:

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