Cablegate: All The Poisons

The end of last week saw a huge escalation in the amount of activity anticipating Wikileaks' next release. On Tuesday, Wikileaks released two tweets. In a post on it, "Redefining Global History: Wikileaks' Enigmatic Tweets," I reviewed baffled and somewhat inadequate coverage in the mainstream media in the hours following the tweets, outlining the most likely option for what was meant by the tweets.

Since then, however, the press coverage quickly zoned in on the issue. Towards the end of the week, the tweets had fired the imagination of both the press and the public. Press coverage shows how the impending release has precipitated frenzied activity on the part of official Washington. Diplomatic overtures have been made to multiple countries, to lessen the risk of fallout. The United States has entered damage limitation mode. Public attention for Wikileaks has escalated over the week.

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