US Ambassador Comments on New Wikileaks Release

Today, Philip Murphy, the US ambassador to Germany, published an open letter in the most widely read newspaper of the country.

A few extracts from the text in English translation:

“We all need trust, at the work place and in our private lives. Loyalty – towards an employer, a friend or a partner – is the most precious good we have. Nowhere is this more the case than in the field of diplomacy: we facilitate the communication between governments to further common interests, to improve mutual understanding and to solve problems.


Wikileaks now recklessly distributes documents alleged to be highly sensitive communication classified as secret – a grave breach of trust which has put people's life in danger.

[...] The consequences are difficult to predict. It will at least be unpleasant – for my government, for those who are mentioned in the reports, and for me personally as the American ambassador to Germany.

I am sure that the friendship between the United States and Germany is going to survive this challenge.


This open letter appeared in Bild, the German equivalent of the Sun.

Wikileaks has in the past worked together with der Spiegel, a center-left weekly magazine which has a proud history of high quality investigative journalism and source protection.

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