How Not To Conduct a Smear Campaign By Accident

It has been 76 days since the news initially broke on August 20th about the Julian Assange rape allegations. It must be said it is getting to look a little bit suspicious. Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny keeps issuing the same press release, intimating that a clear decision may come at any time, but may take a while too.

Effectively, these are non-announcements, imparting no new information, and in most cases, hardly any information at all. The periodic nature of these announcements makes it look as if it is a concerted attempt, not to inform the public, but to maintain a constant level of publicity for the rape allegations. Maintaining a constant level of publicity for an ongoing rape investigation would not, on the surface, appear to be a priority, at least if your intention was to administer justice. One would imagine that the next important juncture for a press release would be the eventual decision as to whether charges are to be made.

But the situation looks even more suspicious if attention is paid to the timing of these rather empty announcements...

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(originally published November 4, 2010)

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