Political Warfare

Glenn Greenwald tweeted a link to an article on FoxNews, by Christian Whiton, in which Whiton calls for executive action on the threat that Wikileaks poses to the United States. The article is riddled with factual errors. For example, it perpetuates the false belief that the Iraq War Logs, released by Wikileaks on Friday, contains the names of informants, who might therefore be in danger. It has been well publicized by now that the Iraq War Logs are thoroughly redacted, but this doesn’t stop the propaganda apparatus in the United States pretending otherwise.

But this is the slightest breach of professional journalism here. Greenwald’s tweet pointed out that Whiton was proposing that the Obama administration look into designating Wikileaks staffers as “enemy combatants” – that savoury status that lifts all obligations on the U.S. government to have consideration for the human rights of the subject. Whiton is essentially calling for the U.S. to assassinate Wikileaks members outside of due process.

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(originally published October 26, 2010)

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