2019-11-19: 19 November 2019. Mark this day.

This is the day that Sweden finally closed the 'preliminary' investigation into the allegations against Julian Assange, a case resumed on 1 September 2010, after being summarily closed once before by Stockholm prosecutor Eva Finné.

That's nine years, two months, and nineteen days to do what Finné accomplished in twelve hours.

Lives have been ruined - lives have been lost - during and because of this Swedish ordeal (RIP, GM).

Every imaginable manifestation and toxicity has reared its ugly head during this time. Every imaginable reincarnation of betrayal as well.

This website went 'live' on 17 November 2010, after a conversation with Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison a week earlier, in anticipation of the formal arrest of Assange by Ny's proxy in Stockholm the following day. Those involved anticipated a wave of malicious misinformation, and the site was explicitly created to combat what would inevitably follow. Part of the initial work was carried out by a volunteer ('AD') in Tokyo.

The site went rogue several years later but was successfully rescued. At that point in time, it took eight months to recover the site and clean up the mess left behind, well over 10,000 spam accounts that the rogue team had let in.

Yes, it's a long story, and neither the angels nor the devils are what they'd appear to be. The truth will out, the truth wins out.

More may follow.

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