Common Sense

Common Sense
(calm down you damn fools!)

Originally, I wrote a rather lengthy research paper entitled: Applied Linguistics using Information Theory Modals with three data sets:Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Western Media / Government Information Control. After spending many coffee fueled nights and countless hours of research, I realized I had essentially written my doctoral dissertation. So, instead of wasting valuable time and bytes; I decided to submit it here, in the hopes of actually graduating sometime this century.

However, not to be outdone by my own propensity to wordiness; I have written a much condensed and mathematical proof free version here with the fitting title; Common Sense (calm down you damn fools!) If you are unfamiliar with the area of applied linguistics and or information theory, a good primer can be found at the University of Bielefeld. So, with all that said, I humbly present two interesting (and tale telling) outcomes of the research.

1.Denial of Residency to Julian Assange by the Swedish Board of Immigration.
A: Residency was denied by SIB because of complicity with US wishes. (JA)
B: Complete silence (absence of active denial) by the US and Secretary of State.
C: Julian Assange did not fulfill the requirements. (confidentiality sited by SIB)

Analysis and Interpretation
Both A and B have the same entropic value (uniqueness) as they both conform to what would be expected in such a circumstance. Mainly, (a) There is a vested interest in asserting a paradigm of persecution to garner support. 2000 years of western history attests to our fondness of the underdog, (b) Absence of active denial, helps foster the myth that the US can flippantly affect Immigration polices of other western governments and that if you anger the last superpower there is nowhere to hide. Because (a) and (b) are essentially two sides of the same coin any information value is nullified; rendering a resulting value of 0. The remaining assertion by the SIB of fulfillment requirements not being met has the highest entropic value (uniqueness) as the possible answers which would have been in line with self-preservation and the one given are at odds. In order to dispel accusations of interference, the SIB could have (should have?) stated which requirements were not fulfilled. Instead the SIB chose to follow their own guide lines of confidentiality. Parenthetically, this does speak well of their adherence to their own written laws. By not stating which requirements were not fulfilled, the SIB retains the moral/ethical high-ground, which is the best that could be achieved in this circumstance. (see Game theory)

Denial of residency can be based on several factors; however, if any of the reasons were exceedingly exotic I suspect a “leak” would have formed at the SIB. Furthermore, as is with most “issues” the actual reasons are much more banal, bureaucratic. Having reviewed the actual forms Julian Assange would have had to fill out, here and here the conclusion seems apparent. The requirements that were not fulfilled were finical in nature: mainly, reliable income and/or proof of financial security. (which is a good reason to support wikileaks by the way) This totally unsexy reason, because it is so unsexy it is the most likely truth behind all the talk.

2.Julian Assange's life is in danger. He will be assassinated because of his activism to bring greater transparency to world governments and at the moment the DOD.
A: Julian Assange has intimated the real threat from time to time in interviews, but has not unnecessarily harped on the issue.
B: Various components of the US government and practically all of main stream media have taken a “pro assassination” stance which, brazenly defies logic, international law and civility.

Analysis and Interpretation
The real and immediate threat to Julian Assange is not death by some government spook, but rather being tied down by legal proceedings. In fact, if we take (a) and evaluate it by including the body of things Julian Assange has spoken of we would find a fairly high entropic value (uniqueness) which would denote that he does believe there is a real threat against him, but not paralyzingly so. Furthermore, by the mainstream media's rampant hype of this irresponsible and despicable talking point, the entropic value of what has been said, drops close to zero. (no meaning) It is therefore consistent to infer that the actual threat of assassination is normal and that the various news outlets are selling ad space based on blood thirsty hype, not actually reporting news.

Julian Assange is now famous; which comes at a price. Celebrities by the very nature of being a celebrity trade a certain amount of security for their notoriety. In the case of Julian Assange, he has traded only slightly more than most “stars” for the sake of his activism. The threat to Julian Assange is no greater than the threats to other high profile activist both past and present. Furthermore, I would not be surprised if the CIA and other agencies are not actively, though covertly protecting Assange, as any attempt on his life would be a true threat to United States international credibility. The United States government, is desperately fighting a perception war, and the death of Julian Assange would all but assure the loss of any respect still held by the international community.

As I said in the opening paragraph, this is a highly condensed version of what I had originally written. In the more complete version, mathematical arguments are provided for the above conclusions based on applied linguistics using models in information theory. I do plan on condensing the rest of the arguments in the originally as time permits. Additionally, these methods should-could and will be applied to the Iraq war logs as time permits. (and it seems, with the imminent release of more documents, I won't be getting much sleep and the coffee man will be taking his pound of gold.

However, the following conclusions are what should be taken away. 1. Though there is a lot of hype surrounding wikileaks and Julian Assange, the actual basis for both are sound and important. Transparency of government and corporations is a pivotal issue; globalization has come and the only question that should be asked: do we want a world government which is beholden to the people, or to the governing elite? It is through secrecy that the elite rule and manipulate. Consolidation of power comes, when the many are blind to the going-ons of those who decide. Freedom, liberty and self-preservation demand that the many open their eyes to what is going on and demand accountability for crimes that have been committed.

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