2014-05-30 WikiLeaks Everywhere - Cornwall

@greekemmy took this photo only hours ago on the coast of Cornwall. She wished to convey the fact that WikiLeaks is truly everywhere: that no conspirator can be safe if people have the courage to 'blow the whistle' and stand up to abusive power.

Cornwall is coincidentally the home of award-winning author David Cornwell (John le Carré) who has often spoken out against abuse of power and the need to speak truth to it. See his conversation with Amy Goodman of Democrary Now! here.

Cornwall is also the home of the notorious GCHQ Bude installation where three full days of transatlantic web traffic at a go are continually harvested, analysed, and then shared with the other surveillance partners in the 'Five Eyes' alliance ('Six Eyes' if counting Sweden's FRA).

Take WikiLeaks into the wild this summer! Take a snap of a scenic landmark when out on your travels, put in something about WikiLeaks, and send it here - and make people understand that WikiLeaks is truly everywhere.

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